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Hi, im aeon! I do UI and am mainly a WinForm dev. I am relearning Lua, and planning on making more scripts using Synapse soon. I really wanna get my UIs better. i like vortex/0x777s ui style


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Created a new thread : My 'Offical' Announcement of My Departure.

Hello, been a while hasn't it.


As I've come back to check on this website, I've seen many things. 

I personally haven't done anything related to exploiting for months, practically since last year. 

As I come back I've noticed many things are different. Like Synapse partnering with roblox (wth lmao)

As well as exploiting pretty much done. (Don't say anything like 'IM WORKING ON AN EXPLOIT!!')

I have moved on with most things roblox in general as well. 

I just wanted to official announce my departure (ik you prolly dont care)


Anyways, I want to name some people that I am very thankful for and I hope you do well. The list is as follows

First off, obviously we have Xero, the owner. Thank you.\

Next, we have realnick. I look up to you bro, thanks lol

After we have Lux, I know most people don't like him, but me and bro were chill.

We also have Lion, idk hes cool. 

One of the biggest friends I've gained from this community, is my boy Pekka. Thank you bro, fr. Close friend, just W person. (pookie)

marcus is chill too

Many other people too. Thank you all.


Anyways its official, WRD is kinda dead lol, cya in another life (or something)


Created a new thread : [idk lol] I'm really active, right?

Like, I'm so active in this community.


In all seriousness, I've been taking a break from exploiting. I used to be on this comm 24/7 and have met / became friends with some pretty cool people (pekka, etc). I'm not quitting, just taking a break lol.


I really gotta get Voyager out soon lol 💀


yeah ok bye

Replied to thread : Hiring for DextroHub

huddy, your too rich.

Created a new thread : [REQUEST] Voice Chat Account?

So I don't have a VC acc, I also don't have an ID, sooo help me out by sliding me (or giving me prices) on a roblox vc acc




edit: ig i could use my passport but idk

Replied to thread : Voyager Site (practically comet knockoff)

@Akula, i gotta lock the thread 😭 (ik its bad)

Replied to thread : Blox Fruits Script(BeanHub)

wtf pekka why so much


vouch ps

Replied to thread : Voyager Site (practically comet knockoff)



hi :)


yeaah this is old i should lock the thread ngl lol

ty for your opinion tho. 

Replied to thread : [Exploits] This gettin serious..

@pierre_spook i used it cause synapse was downm 😭

Replied to thread : [Exploits] This gettin serious..

@Cyros yeah but never happened to me lol so its even scarier

Created a new thread : [Exploits] This gettin serious..

So, I randomly attempted to exploit with KRNL (for the first time in forever)

And I sh!t you not. Five minutes and I got banned. 






At least its only one day. It scared the crap out of me.


But, I cant work on my game.


Guess time to watch yt 🤷‍♂

Replied to thread : (Soon) Script Hub API(Winform)

bet ill use fr


Replied to thread : Would you consider this a good security combo?

seems pretty texas  to me.

Replied to thread : Voyagers Discord + Obfuscators (FREE)

@EnormusDRandy nah idgaf about code its the UI.