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Imagine a exploit that in terms of customization and functions is almost on the level of synapse v3 and has the name of a greek god that might be coming out soon


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Commented to thread : How to add github gists to your exploit

no you need to use a personal access token


Created a new thread : How to add github gists to your exploit

I could make a complex ahh thread but no ill just give you the source code 

heres there virus total : https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/6b962084077f445a2f4d3df29b4bfacc3665ba0ec8e4a0f35784c4b7ff86308d?nocache=1 

and heres the hybrid analysis : https://www.hybrid-analysis.com/sample/6b962084077f445a2f4d3df29b4bfacc3665ba0ec8e4a0f35784c4b7ff86308d

also heres a pic of it : https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/785690059025285190/1111148200213086319/Screenshot_296.png?width=602&height=402

and finally here's the source code : https://anonfiles.com/xbK9w5tez2/Gists_rar

Replied to thread : [CW] Kiwixcoke - Extortion/False Striking

bro thinks he's some italian mafia boss

Commented to thread : post your executors here

well imma just change some stuff repurpose some stuff and boom smells like synapse but can't be sued

Replied to thread : post your executors here

the resemblance between this and the opps is just pure coincidence


Replied to thread : What features are people looking for in exploits noadays?

A good theme system maybe github gists a friend system and ai features 

Created a new thread : gk61 or the mk61

i don't know which one should i get like they're both the same price both look good they both come with gateron yellow switches should i get the mk or the gk  or should i just get a corsair k65 mini?

Commented to thread : Is it legal to use fluxus api ?

idk man even if it's unethical at this point it doesn't seem to matter it's been way too long all the api's that were free to use ain't updating like at this point wearedevs api should've been working also krnl but it seems that it's not going to happen soon with weare or krnl so it's really it's not an ethical thing anymore

Commented to thread : Is it legal to use fluxus api ?

i just don't get how a owner of a api made to do illegal things can sue me for using it without his concern like it's calling the police because someone stole your illegal drugs or child po...

Commented to thread : Is it legal to use fluxus api ?

20 years bro if i get caught with cp i get less time in jail 💀

Replied to thread : Aerion - Full Lua Execution [NOT OUT YET]

they banned me LMAO

i only said the truth tho he's so dumb that he can't even skid

Replied to thread : Aerion - Full Lua Execution [NOT OUT YET]

id pay to not use this exploit


Created a new thread : Is it legal to use fluxus api ?

so i found a way to use fluxus api but i don't know if it's legal 

i'm scared to sued

Replied to thread : Fluxus or Electron for the Store Version

i would use electron cuz it has a cool ui and a decompiler :)

Commented to thread : Good names for a male cat

bro why the image got so small 😭