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Created a new thread : (Leak) Limbo/Void Source Code

I'm not ctrl c/ving this junk >

Commented to thread : What happened to the website?

why u back bru

Replied to thread : [CW] Swatting - Nezur Owner Lucas

"Lucas gotta hang" on because he suicidal 💀💀💀

Commented to thread : Make WRD Active Again - MWAA

If you end up doing that I'll colonize your entire homeland

Replied to thread : Put Aimmy on WeAreDevs

I don't really this this'll happen for various reasons such as legitimate users are like non-existant, completely dead, etc.

Commented to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

@Kxhu I made this in C++ and not lua lol

Replied to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

person above me what he said lol


also I love when I do stuff like this

Replied to thread : nemi should be bombed

no cap i agreeeee wtf


Also let use mustard gas!!

Created a new thread : This website needs to be actively maintained

> Im lazy here is url for the guide i spent like 20 mins on this lol

Replied to thread : Im out. Goodbye (We saw this coming lmao)

real //chjarrrsdasrsssssss

Commented to thread : why are there ai bots on wrd?

@Kxhu I believe recaptcha is able to be used for free

Replied to thread : why are there ai bots on wrd?

This Website and Forum is entirely dead, even without the base it'd be easy to get bots on here and this points out an existing reason; there is no proper security for the site even thought it may have Updated Packages, there will still be bots.

Another issue is the captcha that is used isn't actually secure and it really isn't good, at the first place they should've used something such as ReCAPTCHA which is from google but it wouldn't make a difference as this site already uses Google Analytics and Advertisements.

There is no benefit of using this forum anymore, this forum isn't even truely universal as it's entirely focused on ROBLOX and not a widespread amount of games and V3rmillion's new site (Bloxflip's) is the only truely one that'll succeed in anything

Commented to thread : Synapse Caught Switching Sides

I wouldn't. If it's 3 million once no that's a horrible offer imo, I'd rather want to get employed with a income that actually could be reliable

Replied to thread : [QUESTION] Most reputable GTA Online cheats/mod menus

Use ASSOS or if on FiveM I believe there is something called redENGINE and Eulen

Replied to thread : so i made a very poorly coded forum

i am now the realest admin account on rice dev xyz vercel application github!!!!