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Replied to thread : Hello World

std::printf("Hello world");

Replied to thread : hi there, devs!

carbon is the future

Replied to thread : hello once again - auth

I think it's a pretty nice and clean idea.
The issue is now you'd have to get developers :)

Replied to thread : Xenith | best arsenal aimbot

I cannot watch any of this.

Commented to thread : I made dis in like a 30 minute

realll??????? omg



i love ur ass

Created a new thread : I made dis in like a 30 minute

i am super lazy rn and i made this in a hour or osmething i didnt timeee myself


this is not offichalal thread for it just test thoughts every skid?

Created a new thread : (Leak) Limbo/Void Source Code

I'm not ctrl c/ving this junk >

Commented to thread : What happened to the website?

why u back bru

Replied to thread : [CW] Swatting - Nezur Owner Lucas

"Lucas gotta hang" on because he suicidal 💀💀💀

Commented to thread : Make WRD Active Again - MWAA

If you end up doing that I'll colonize your entire homeland

Replied to thread : Put Aimmy on WeAreDevs

I don't really this this'll happen for various reasons such as legitimate users are like non-existant, completely dead, etc.

Commented to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

@Kxhu I made this in C++ and not lua lol

Replied to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

person above me what he said lol


also I love when I do stuff like this