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Replied to thread : Bypassed Byfron / Hyperion - Native Client


Replied to thread : Haze [ Leaked ] --Credits ImmuneLion--

WRD's API is Haze's API???? (I don't understand this thread at all)



Replied to thread : [ELYSIUM] E-Mail Verification Program

vouch this voidable method person is very good

Replied to thread : Roblox is a honeypot

Well. What would you expect, them not doing that?


I mean, it's ROBLOX so they could do literally anything they need to prevent exploiters that've been ruining games for multiple years.

Replied to thread : [$15] BYFRON LUAC FUNCTIONS

vouch fr ong ong ong

Replied to thread : the literal peak.


Commented to thread : Spook bans for the stupidest reasons.

I doubt it was Spook, he doesn't speak like that.

Commented to thread : Exploits Discontinued Tracker (kill byfron)

Novaline Context: Novaline IS NOT discontinuing this is misinformation, currently Novaline is under a completely new name "Serenity" which is now owned by Ethan

Commented to thread : [Release] FZero Hub

Swm is up though, isn't it?

Replied to thread : Atlantis Official

I am vouching for nexus42 and my self because i know he loves you :)

Replied to thread : Atom is being discontinued... Well for now.

You beter recontinhe it or else i wil sue u for being gay!!!

Replied to thread : Should i be allowed on WRD for a month?

Idgaf if you come back on wrd, i got on because of ethan

Replied to thread : Orbit | Roblox's Best Scripting IDE

Looks basic but vouch, this is very good stuff

Commented to thread : EasyExploits is skidded, Daniel is profiting off of stolen DLLs.

Please list the user and actually add proper credits to the thread instead of from r/robloxhackers :pray:

Anyways I vouch, I've always knew that Daniel was a c*ck to people

Replied to thread : best source of scripts :))

vouch vouch vouch vouch vouch