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amateur designer, truly gamer pro :suncool:


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Created a new thread : Put Aimmy on WeAreDevs

enough said


aimmy is:

- free

- keyless

- available on github

- rarely requires to be taken down for maintenance

- will never give you up

- and never let you down


- technically a successor to comet

- everything in the front page is not functional (except maybe multiple roblox i haven't checked lol) so no one visits it right now

Commented to thread : KRNL Is not updated for the latest UWP Version

bro sent a fake krnl link

Commented to thread : Hyper Script Execution DLL for UWP ✨

appears to be a byproduct of nihon's module

Commented to thread : [Help] Save Games

lmaoooooo the hell

Commented to thread : Looking to join as UI Dev on a serious project

It is, the account is alt-checked to BNN Exploits which was Akula's old pseudonym 3 years ago.

Created a new thread : Misc Release Comet 5 GameKit [Beta] - All things real-time lua development system.


Hello! I'm N4ri! :D

I'm here to self-promote shhhh


[So what's Comet 5 GameKit?]

Comet 5 GameKit is the h interation of Comet, an Executor that started almost 2 years ago.

Comet 5 GameKit showcases and represents many of the huge quality of life and design improvements I have made from designing these products for over 3 years.


[So what does Comet 5 GameKit have?]

Full-Featured Monaco with Color Picker, Error Scanning (Imperfect) and Auto-Complete (It uses this Monaco Fork)

Theme System with Full-Fledged Theme Editor

(Almost) Full-Featured ScriptBlox-based Game Hub

Quick Panel for access to easy commands


SetClipboard (Imperfect)

Customizable FPS Cap

Developers's lack of self-confidence avoids job loss and reduces the possibility and stress of key-pressing accidents



Why is the File Size so large?

We use the .NET 6 Framework instead of .NET Framework like every other executor. .NET 6 is newer and so it comes with certain benefits, but it also requires a runtime that most people don't have. To remedy this, we use the PublishSingleFile tag that includes the .NET 6 Runtime and also all of the packages we use (MaterialDesigninXAML, AntWpf, WebView2 & Newtonsoft.JSON among other things) but this also causes the file size to balloon like crazy.


Why should I use this over a different executor? Especially one that uses the same DLL as Comet?

While many executors contain some of the same features as us, we really try our best to flesh out these features. We use a Monaco fork that is feature packed and contains some cool features like a color picker, we have a really well done theme system with it's own Theme Editor for easy theming, and our Script Hub attempts to integrate ScriptBlox API to it's fullest, with the ability to add a script to AutoExecute and Script List Folders, and the ability to read comments, which I haven't seen any other executors do yet.


There's a bug / missing feature, will it be fixed?

It most likely will. Comet 5 GameKit is in beta, and certain features do not work or do not exist. We intend to flatten them before release. If there is a bug I am not aware of yet, you are allowed to DM me.


[What does Comet log?]

Comet logs IP & HWID for the Key System. That's it, we don't log anything else. Everything else is stored locally (and that includes anything you put in your Comet Profile). This information will be stored and encrypted.



Click Here!

(All future updates are provided in my Discord Server, this is a public beta so there is no Bootstrapper unfortunately)


[Join Discord]



.exe: Click Here!

.zip: Click Here!


Hybrid Analysis:

.exe: (not provided because file size is over 100mb LOL!)

.zip: Click Here!

okay, love you <3

Commented to thread : [Showcase] Efficient ScriptBlox Implementation

yeah and then i had to scrap comet 5 :sadge:

Replied to thread : Comet Remake?

Replied to thread : How can i get the comet or celery api and make a exploit with it?

Comet's API is proprietary and is not designed to be used on other products other than Comet. We pay Showerhead to make ours, and you could too, you just need a couple hundred a month. That's why we don't let people use our API publicly.

Replied to thread : Aerion - Full Lua Execution [NOT OUT YET]

this ui is seriously inspired by comet? im disappointed by myself for being an inspiration for a ui so terrible

Commented to thread : Retarded Valyse Community

they made the "API" because they wanted to make their executor better than the majority of other executors.


they, however don't want people to use it because it would most likely cut into their revenue which they need to pay for the development costs of said "API"

Replied to thread : [BETA RELEASE] ASPURE X - Multi API, Keyless Executor & More

you're telling me you bought this ui?

Replied to thread : [Leak] Introducing Neumorphism UX

zera this is insane, like everything about this ui builds on each other so well, i don't even know you did the inner shadows, but those combined with the outer shadows, the texture of the backgrounds you chose, how the icons are highlighted over the button backgrounds, that touch with the accent color, like you pulled all stops on this one, it's insane.