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Exploits i own:

Script-Ware (Down rn) Electron (UWP) Shadow (UWP)

i dont use verm that much so dont contact me there


My rep got -repf*cked because of diehard Kiwi X fans when the exec is discontinued and the owner commited extortion.


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Replied to thread : My 'Offical' Announcement of My Departure.

JEEPERS CREEPERS!!! i cant do this anymore. nfhsjdfnensndnndbwnanc

Replied to thread : Synapse Caught Switching Sides

As I said before; deserved.

Roblox exploiters were annoying as hell, I know I used to be one, but I glad I am not anymore.

Im tired of skiddies ruining games (not the actual software developers for these exploits).

Exploiting is DONE.


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Get Windows or Linux.

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In my final and honest opinion: free exploits will die, but people who are taking on the challenge, shall live. Heck, you can probably avoid legal action by just renaming your cheat to a "scripting utility" or an IDE where they will "take action" against anyone that "uses this for cheating purposes."

Commented to thread : Hyperion on UWP

stream started 2 hours ago

time where they announced it 1:28:38

Created a new thread : Hyperion on UWP

Can't wait for scriptware to release soon. IIRC they have the bypass ready.

From RDC 2023

Commented to thread : Classic Showerhead being money hungry

???? This posts makes 0 sense. I said own as in "I have the product". What???

Commented to thread : Classic Showerhead being money hungry

Fluxus crashes when you execute the script (a rejoin script) KRNL does the same thing. While Shadow and Electron don't. This is absolutely disappointing but not surprised since Showerhead charges 25 dollars for a premium version of this executor when it can't even execute a rejoin script.

Created a new thread : Classic Showerhead being money hungry


Look at this, this is absolutely disgusting. Literally shows the lack of support and effort Showerhead puts into his executors. Showerhead also thinks the world revolves around him because he tries to manage 5 EXECUTORS at the same time. Showerhead barely takes his time to fix obvious detections. This is yet another reason why I hate showerhead.

Always remember: use Shadow and Electron. Also use an Adblocker.

Do not use executors that don't care about their product and userbase and then try to charge you 25 dollars for this sh*t.

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Well then why do you mention GRP as if he is a different person when you just mentioned that you are GRP.?