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Replied to thread: [REL] Ballistic (It's finally here)

Well nice a new roblox exploit made by a trustable person in WRD

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] VERY simple script cloud

Works, good job!

Replied to thread: WeAreTruth | S1 E1: The Syndicate


sounds like a literal arc but ok

Replied to thread: WeAreTruth | S1 E1: The Syndicate

omg theory?1!?1

lazy to read this so just give me a tldr

Created a new thread: Someone recommend me a script

Roblox Exploiting is getting boring, Though there are rare LuaU scripts out there and I want some scripts that actually have some fun to use.

You could also give me a script to ruin other peoples experiences (both are fine for me)

Pls don't give me a script that ChatGPT wrote

Replied to thread: [RATE MY AVATAR] Snake Booth Script

Everyone knows this alr but okay

Replied to thread: New Wrd Premium GIveaway! (Limited Entries)

Nice im the 14th person

Replied to thread: Most important question in the whole universe

did someone say woman?

Replied to thread: rep appeal (mods)


didn't emiray say "broski" before? Correct me if im wrong.

Replied to thread: Sorry wrong place

just delete the thread, theres no point in saying this?

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its funny how you also call yourself "stupid". but coincidentally emirays main account currently has the username "stupidddd"?

Replied to thread: rep appeal (mods)


I mean, I would believe your emiray. You talk like him and you just baby raged at some person because he accused you. You get mad easily and you don't take the time to just ignore what people say because you're a 6th grader.

Again, Theres a VERY high chance ur emiray, but im not gonna guarantee.

Seems like you haven't learned to just stop

Replied to thread: rep appeal (mods)

Come on emiray

Replied to thread: CW ON MEDUSA LYING ABT ME

foto shop?

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