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Replied to thread : I cant find my scripts that i put in scripts folders in electron!

thats a problem with electron then. OR they only allow a single file type. Try create a .lua file type, AND a .txt file type. See which one appears, if any.


So go to notepad, write anything. Save as. File type: All then for the name do test.lua AND also text.txt for duplicate

Commented to thread : How would I go on about making a ✨Stellar✨ User Interface in WPF?

@Valykrie nope i dont give out neg reputation lol

Replied to thread : Delete my WeAreDevs account

how bout i say

Replied to thread : How would I go on about making a ✨Stellar✨ User Interface in WPF?

tf is a '





edit: jokes aside watch youtube videos on UI / UX conventions and fundamentals

Commented to thread : How should I proceed with learning le CSharp?



Keep changing your opinion, it's good that you finally agree with me.




Commented to thread : How should I proceed with learning le CSharp?

@Alternate Not sure why you're completely negating what I'm saying when it's logical. Programming is a tool to implement ideas and solve problems. We use whatever language that will solve that problem most efficiently. That's all. Doing this with time will ensure proficiency over various languages and a deeper idea of programming as a whole. You're quite bold to dismiss me as someone who is 'completely wrong' and that I am someone who does 'not have experience with multiple languages'.. My whole narrative here is built upon that foundation of varied knowledge lol. You're quite arrogant so I'll leave that there and not return reflect that attitude back.


Just remember that high level languages are abstractions of lower level languages and so on. Each has it's own intricacies, for example python has a vast array of libraries and a ton of support. Of course it is natural to learn it when it offers such benefits. Learning what is popular means keeping up to date and having more opportunity for work; if it is popular more companies are using it. It's quite absurd to preach learning random languages no one uses lol and ignore widely used languages based on the child-like premise that 'you should "always learn a language that you actually find interezting"'.


If apparently 'learning a language just because it's widely used is completely stupid', then you are the stupid of stupids.


Peace! (Oh and I don't like talking harsh. I was having a normal conversation but you randomly provoked me by insulting me so it's only what you've sowed.) I mean seriously, you're what, 12 years old? Sure you can make claims but no need to believe in them with such mindless ferocity.


Edit: Looking at your past threads it's quite clear 'reputation' has gotten over your head. You better review your programming fundamentals lol.

Commented to thread : How should I proceed with learning le CSharp?

yah and i disagree. i believe you should learn a language because it is widely used. learning in such a way ensures you're able to use the most optimal solution to solvea a problem rather than being an 'expert' in a specific language. most languages are the same except miniscule differences in syntax. learning more literally allows you to learn any new language faster, just like memorising a new word

we use different languages for different scenarios as they are tools to be used rather than things to master for fun (tho that is nice too)

Commented to thread : How should I proceed with learning le CSharp?

what no when u have idea for program write in whatever language suits it best

Replied to thread : comet didn't work

Uh antivirus maybe turned on and deleted core files. I would add all comet related files into the same folder. Then make that folder excluded from antivirus. Then install comet from the installer inside that excluded folder.

Created a new thread : Looking to join as UI Dev on a serious project

Title says it all. Honestly it's cus i finished writing up the code for my own proj except I don't want to release it w a public API. Hence why I'm looking to join a proper team and contribute my code there.


ui exemplar below


if i send all windows here thread will be too long so here is example. w c# backend too so if u dont have a c# dev and dont mind sometimes not best optimized code i can do that too


Peace :)


ps if anyones wonderin if lunars cancelled no; it isn't. it might be if i join a team tho

Replied to thread : [CW[ pluto.guy skidding/dumbness/toxicity/childish/spamming

Relax you're both children to the grand immortals such as I

Replied to thread : FluidUI - A UI Kit for Roblox

not too bad ya know, nice design

Replied to thread : [PRE-RELEASE] Liquid V1.0 - HALF CUSTOM DLL

Soo, mind letting me know what a HALF CUSTOM DLL is?