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Replied to thread : [Selling] Argon UI

looks quite nice not sure why it isnt selling

Replied to thread : [Introduction] Swift Cheats

interesting i like how u reply to ppl . not sure exactly what kind of passion project this is since it's a little ambiguous but looking forward to it whatever it is. very chat gpt ish thread but nice design haha

Replied to thread : RbxFly.exe - Post-Byfron Fly Exploit with Hybrid Execution Support (12.4)

you knwo what its suspicious the VT only detects 2 things. i suspect the link is to a launcher which then gies u the real deal. then again totally possible you simply forgot to at least make it seem legit..

Commented to thread : [SERVICE] UI Design | WPF Development | UI Development | Website design | Thread designs & more

thank you :)























Commented to thread : pls stop calling hyperion, byfron

what does that have to do with naming the same thing x or y. everyone knows y as x now so no point changing. x =y in context

Replied to thread : pls stop calling hyperion, byfron

not a big deal

Commented to thread : Side project ideas

anything else that won't raise an eyebrow from professors lol?

Commented to thread : reverse a string in Python

summarised it nicely, saved me some time from writing it out thanks


Commented to thread : Apology to Alawapr and Atari

No, TERIHAX there's no reason to think that. Lol. I for one respect them for that. It's nice having the care to make sure your post is nice and fluent.

Created a new thread : Side project ideas

im looking to get a few projects done (or one big one) for a learnign experience / use when applying to university. any ideas? really anything computer science related and preferrably software-related so anything as long as its not physically messing with chips and such e.g. implementing pathfinding algorithm etc.


thanks alot, im sure any reply here would help not only me but insprie others too to experiment with new projects and up their skills

Commented to thread : Retarded Valyse Community

im 100% certian they haven't done so can't disclose reasons tho but yeah likely bluffing

Replied to thread : Rate my ui library design



sorry for flex had to be done


as for what id improve the scrollbar ur using is a little too thick thats about it really everything else follows design principles nicely. you may want to consider adding more 'life' to it but this depends on the target user and what you want the ui to 'feel ' like gl and great progress so far