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Which one of my exploit ui do you think is better?

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Vergarson v4 (made since 2020):

Here is the showcase video of vergarson v4: Vergarson v4(FREE)🔥LEVEL 7 ROBLOX EXPLOIT | FULL LUA C/SCRIPT HUB🔥 - YouTube

I released Vergarson v4 on wearedev forum before but look like it go deleted by admin lol.


Vergarson v5 (made in 2022 - 2023, upcoming exploit):




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Dev of vergarson v5 ceo of vergarson sorfware ltd we have make executors since 2020 

Products: Vergarson v5(UWP level 8 on top bypass byfron) we discontinued vergarson due to byfron we sorry :(




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overall both can do with some improvements but ill keep relevant to ur question, i think v4 looks better.

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I'm going to be honest, only if your UI looked good alot of people would use your exploit since it has a good scripthub and a console which I don't see too often. Also just use only dark theme and get better fonts since light blue doesnt look too good. Keep up the eork though.

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rice cracker


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bro went through 2-3 years without improving 

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both of them need a lot of improvement

01/10 for effort (v5)

v4 is a bit better with 1.4/10

i bet this skids 1 fo / parex

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i cant tell if this is a joke or not :skull:

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omg ur a clown! /charsss


.zayn0 (Previously B00M)


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WTF is this

you literally have something called a title bar for a reason. PLEASE SEND HELP

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