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Created a new thread : anyone know where to get fluxus api?

anyone know how to get the api or is it closed atm?

Replied to thread : Which one of my exploit ui do you think is better?

I'm going to be honest, only if your UI looked good alot of people would use your exploit since it has a good scripthub and a console which I don't see too often. Also just use only dark theme and get better fonts since light blue doesnt look too good. Keep up the eork though.

Replied to thread : Rate my upcoming exploit ui

Everyone here is pretty rude, but yeah its not the best but keep working on it and it'll look good, also I suggest you use darker colors like grey or black and overall fix the design.

Created a new thread : new roblox executor

So recently I made a new executor, I'm still a beginner and made this in 2 days so it's not the best.

I mostly made this for myself but wanted to show it to others, so here I am. 


Made with WRD's dll files and it's safe. Still has some bugs probably 

but should work out. Doesn't have or need a key to use it


Join discord for download

It would really help if you rated and showed me what I should fix and how.