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Replied to thread: are there any executors like jjsploit?

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Replied to thread: My Third Executor

reminds of me rc7

Replied to thread: No executor Works on Shindo Life

that's a you problem haha

Replied to thread: hey so it says that its injected into roblox but then with the wrd-api it just says nothing and nothing happens help

im concerned because you can't seem to read English yet you still type in English???



Replied to thread: Nova v2.9b [UI Pictures]


it's add tab the + thing if ur still wondering.

Replied to thread: [RATE] Moon UI for right now.

injection status should be in main screen for convenience not settings. icon sizes are so inconsistent and too small, 6/10 pretty clean but needs lots of improvements.

Replied to thread: Today, Fluxus and krnl is not working

@Aja so, you're gonna call "another part of people not knowing what they are talking about, roblox never updated krnl was updated like 2 days ago lol" so your gonna call that, toxic... lol soft corn tortilla ego for sure.

he's absolutely right, you don't know what you're talking about. #1 your incorrect in the first place, Roblox updated on Wednesday already, so there was no Roblox update, except on Wednesday that KRNL has already been udpated for when the thread was posted.

Roblox doesn't update (usually) on Fridays. (and no they didn't when this thread was posted)  so, "Roblox update. Patience." is 100% incorrect.

& also KRNL had already updated on Thursday when this thread was made, so this was only andyle0302's problem.

Everything you said so far proves, you don't read nor check facts in the first place. You could've checked on

Replied to thread: Rate my login ui


looks like github to me lol.

Replied to thread: Today, Fluxus and krnl is not working


no but like idk why ur making fun of him when he's correct? it doesnt matter that u have 10 rep and he has -17 ur not better.

Replied to thread: Today, Fluxus and krnl is not working


ur actually stupid. he said roblox never updated as in saying roblox hasnt updated again this week. Who doesnt know Roblox updates every Wednesday? Use common sense please.


"CheCk WhAt YoUr tYpInG bEfOre YoU sEnd iT" what are you? a moderator? cringe a**

Replied to thread: synapse x is a virus

your mom is a virus!

Replied to thread: I Just Bought Script-Ware

oh mah god i bough scrap war!

Replied to thread: Help I Got Ip Banned From Roblox

you deserved your ban. dont make malicious games. its not cool and not funny.