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omg ur a clown! /charsss


omg ur a clown! /charsss




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Replied to thread : Spook bans for the stupidest reasons.

that aint spook lmao. that's a mod or sum.

Commented to thread : EasyExploits API [NO ADS] | Showcase

obviously they have too much cash in their hands! duh!

Replied to thread : [Rate] My new UI concept

got called toxic for being honest, but this is pretty!

Replied to thread : Script doesn't start in Comet

omg the script cannot start! start your car first!

Replied to thread : Is Electron a good exploit?

did you know it not only has viruses but also some free malware too!

Commented to thread : Orbit | Roblox's Best Scripting IDE

best to generic would sound better!

Replied to thread : project DoshdikSploit

horrible name. sounds like dog sh* sploit

Commented to thread : Argon Script Utility Beta Soon!

cOoL :poop: /charsss

Commented to thread : Argon Script Utility Beta Soon!

i think you mean you cant*

Replied to thread : Presenting: Elixir Enterprises LLC

Sentinel logo???

Commented to thread : Rate my ui for my exploit

your layout isn't any better, you're entire UI is giving generic.

Replied to thread : [Release]Vergarson v5(UWP bypass byfron)

this is not a "byfron bypass" and UWP doesn't have byfron. review and do research before adding bogus claims to your title if you don't understand anything.

Replied to thread : [Coming Soon] [Free] Shadow - Roblox Exploit

Hope it'll be a success story this time and not just discontinue like other stuff like right after..

Replied to thread : Rate my new exploit UI !

Wow it's neat for WinForms trying to look WPF! 7.5/10!