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Replied to thread : [Coming Soon] [Free] Shadow - Roblox Exploit

Hope it'll be a success story this time and not just discontinue like other stuff like right after..

Replied to thread : Rate my new exploit UI !

Wow it's neat for WinForms trying to look WPF! 7.5/10!

Replied to thread : Was Proxo or is Proxo a good exploit?

Proxo was safe and the only "malware" was the installers that had the ads that you could decline. It wasn't as sh*t as people say it was although it wasn't good either. It was decent basically.

Replied to thread : Which one of my exploit ui do you think is better?

i cant tell if this is a joke or not :skull:

Replied to thread : [rate] Aquilox UI

@z_Kenneth, yes but minus the o it's the same 😂 (no offense all jokes lol)

Replied to thread : [rate] Aquilox UI

The theme and name are very similar to my whole profile and old exploit for some reason 💀

Replied to thread : Centron UI Rating (1/10)

I like it! Reminds me of Elysian!

Replied to thread : Welp.... (NOTICE) Wine:RE

honestly i saw no positive feedback from wine other than logging cws :skull: prob not the best idea which you were def right abt.

Replied to thread : Can someone patch rogold ultimate


Replied to thread : are there any executors like jjsploit?

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Replied to thread : My Third Executor

reminds of me rc7

Replied to thread : No executor Works on Shindo Life

that's a you problem haha

Replied to thread : hey so it says that its injected into roblox but then with the wrd-api it just says nothing and nothing happens help

im concerned because you can't seem to read English yet you still type in English???