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Dev of vergarson v5 ceo of vergarson sorfware ltd we have make executors since 2020 

Products: Vergarson v5(UWP level 8 on top bypass byfron) we discontinued vergarson due to byfron we sorry :(


Dev of vergarson v5 founder of vergarson sorfware ltd vergarson v5 discontinued we cant keep up with byfron :(




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Replied to thread : Roblox exploiting is over...

time to touch grass bro :)))

Replied to thread : Opinion on my winforms ui ( repost )

it is unfinish but still good 10/10

Replied to thread : Synapse Caught Switching Sides

roblox just bribed them with 3 million to colab with them if i were 3ds i would do the same too

Replied to thread : WHAT THE FVCK SYNAPSE?

ye it time to move on for me verm shut down and syn x team join roblox ac team at the same time i guess it time to say bye.

Replied to thread : Hyperion has been officially bypassed.

if you want real bypass wait for rc7 and sunapse x

Replied to thread : Hyperion has been officially bypassed.

pro reversed is a scammer his exploit rogue is literally just a printsploit for byfron web version

Created a new thread : byfron removed from roblox uwp it safe to hacking on uwp now

w microsoft i can start to hacking again now :)))))))))

Replied to thread : Buying a byfron bypass for web roblox

just hacking on android

Created a new thread : look like exploiting on pc is dead now since byfron released on uwp :P

So roblox just released byfron on uwp version of roblox all exploits patched i guess it is time for me to moving on something new right now. I still have hope that some exploit dev will find some ways to bypass byfron but the chances are very low even synapse x is dead now(idk if it gonna return in the future or not). Maybe we still can exploit but we will need paid exploits free exploits will die i guess.

Created a new thread : Are we getting close to the end of exploiting era on roblox?

It has been a very long time since byfron released and untill now no free exploits or paid exploits actually bypass byfron on roblox web version it look like that exploit devs gave up and make exploits for uwp roblox as their last resource i also heard some information that they maybe will add byfron to uwp roblox soon so it will mean that all exploit will be patched forever and we wont get a chance to hacking on roblox on future. For me i think the end is near for us exploiter.

Replied to thread : 5 reasons to +rep me and not -rep me

no ur hfjchvfjghcycfhccyyv

Replied to thread : jjsploit crahsing

because your pc is potato