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Created a new thread : [REQ] some good active roblox exploiting discord servers


i dont want servers for just a particular exploit (e.g krnl server)

Replied to thread : PSX Script (UPDATED)

both the above scripts are scams

Replied to thread : [RQ] Auto style listbox items WPF

iirc you can use

				new ListBoxItem
					Style = this.TryFindResource("listboxstyle") as Style,

am not the best at wpf tho


this is a fake script to steal your psx items dont use this

Replied to thread : Changes to the Atom UI!



whats ur opinion on using uwp?

Replied to thread : Changes to the Atom UI!


tbh mastering winforms is easier than getting beginner level in wpf

to me at least 

Replied to thread : [Question] Authentication

i like oauth iirc its the gmail login thingy

its quick and simple for the user

and most sites support it (jon should add)

Replied to thread : [rate] Aquilox UI

nice imo

id honestly like to know how you did that with scriptblox (it just keeps loading when you scroll)

are you using the scroll event or smth?

Replied to thread : [mini-cw] liran / vaidmaster back at it again!


i mean your reputation is ruined

you just shouldnt return after doing SO MUCH

1: scammed people using a fake psx script

2: again grabbing roblox accounts by using a fake robux site

3: token logged aeth and many others

4: was and still is a di​ck

Replied to thread : Anyone knows a better exploit than krnl that is free


i think he meant "exploits worse than krnl"

he prob thinks krnl is the best but again

nihon, novaline, and oxygen are better tbh


Replied to thread : [mini-cw] liran / vaidmaster back at it again!


i can predict wha tyou're gonna do after given a second chance

you're gonna add malware like miners to your explotis