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uhh full steak web dev yes


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Created a new thread : forum officially released i guess


oh yeah all data are erased so make new accounts pls

Created a new thread : so i made a very poorly coded forum


source code:

Replied to thread : Is 'Valyse' trustable?

valyse is trusted, just dont go to

Replied to thread : Delta Windows Announcement - 5th October 2023

top 10 reason why i should get delta for free:

1. i touch grass

Replied to thread : THE new era of your garbage forum

bro simply refuses to let go of wearedevs


Commented to thread : [CW] Reversed | Rogue Exit Scam | Helping Byfron Devs

it's more of a reversed issue, rogue did work b4

Commented to thread : who doesn't feel sorry for the WPF UI?

if he can even understand the source code :kek:

Replied to thread : Rock Paper Scissors C# Console Application

for the love of god use .net 6-7

Replied to thread : Oxygen Virus?

idk man human need oxygen to live