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ok buddy :) lol

Replied to thread: Moon API: Executor Script Hub Integration

@Astronemi, Thank you!

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Update 2/18/23:


Continuing MoonAPI after rewrite.


Will rewrite documentation on github soon


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Progress Update (2/11/23)
Added support for .Net 4.7.2 and above
If your executor runs in .Net Framework, you can use this dll
If your executor runs in .Net 6.0, you cannot use the .Net Framework dll with your .Net 6.0 executor

So thats why I added support >:)

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Update: Adding support for .Net Framework 4.7 and above
Support for .Net 6.0(Always has been supported but realize people still develop with .NetFramework 4.7 and above)

Replied to thread: Unsupported version

Wait for WRD-API to be updated. Its patched

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@Pluto_Guy It's a decent "API"

not exploit haha. I mean yeah Script Hub exploit but I like the word API :)

But thank you for your feedback. UI will be changing for sure

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@Akula Thank you so much :D
Userbase will be based upon the amount of users using a executor that import MoonAPI

Since I hope I'm planning this correctly, I might be able to release a demo at the end of the week (Saturday)

Created a new thread: Moon API: Executor Script Hub Integration


Welcome to Moon API
Notice! Moon API is still in It's development stage. Everything you see listed below is subjected to change at any point!




(Credits to Delta for the thumbnail)
Delta's Profile



This UI is only a test version. UI will be changing over time! 

Moon is a script hub integration for your executor. This allows you to integrate a script hub that has access to thousands of scripts without having 30 chrome tabs open.

Say goodbye to that old scriptlist when you can have many scripts plus, a nice user interface!

API Structure

Convenient & Easy to use API
Allows any exploit dll to be used as Moon is universal
Easy Setup
2 functions needed!

Moon API is expected to be released on 3/23/23

Build API
Build Demo UI
WPF Support

Build file server
Build template maker
Make UI darker and longer

Make a few more changes to stuff
Test compatibility for .Net 6.0 and .Net Framework 4.7.2

Speed up loading time: (eh, if you have a fast enough pc, this shouldn't take a long time as it's just requesting data from a server as a .json. Loading takes longer on first startup. This is due to the server being slow atm but will be resolved)

more soon

As development progresses, this thread will be updated!

Thanks for viewing!

Flinnyd/Moon-API: API for Roblox executors (github.com)




Progress Update (2/7/23)


Progress Update (2/8/23)

We have script execution(Using WRD API to test if the scripts work!)

Replied to thread: (Soon) Script Hub API(Winform)

Yes it's returning json but theres more

Keep in mind before saying anything else that I clearly stated that I would continue to update this thread. I'm not even close to being done as there is a lot planned. What I have released is part of what I have done

The api will have a setting to just import the json data so people can make there own design for the script hub. If they have it set it lets just say

set_UI = true  then they can have it where they have a button called script hub or any button and  they just have to use this function:


This will launch the dll with a winform UI so they can just drop the the dll into there project and call it a day. Most likely new developers will do that.

I want to add support to have a WPF UI for people who develop with WPF. Hope that clears the confusion.

Also the dll does return the data from a server. Its just packed into a dll so you dont have to add a lot of code to your project. Like WRD API.

Basically just a simple way to embed a script hub into your executor thats easy

Replied to thread: (Soon) Script Hub API(Winform)

@SeizureSalad Please list a website that has a api to get scripts
So far a lot of websites I look for do not have a api. plus, the point of this is for new people trying to have a script hub built into there executor or just a script list that auto updates 24/7 in real-time

Replied to thread: (Soon) Script Hub API(Winform)

@marcus__ The API will grab scripts from other websites and transform it into a json. Wherever scripts are uploaded will also be shown through the API. Basically a universal api that grabs all scripts. My API is designed to be drag and dropped into a executor with a few modfication. It's a addon for executors so people don't have to go to websites for scripts

Replied to thread: (Soon) Script Hub API(Winform)

@marcus__ Well in the future once I release, it will be open source on my github. For now, its closed source

Also about rscripts.net,
You can't import there scripts into a executor since(as far as I can see) they don't have a open API 

Basically im building my own that will allow you to import scripts into your executor. It'll have support if you want to use those scriptboxes on the side or have it where you create a frame and then a button for the script hub, the script hub will open and import the script into your textbox to execute.

Also scriptblox is nice but uh...the website is down...for a long time
This isn't like scriptblox. It's something where many people building there own executor can make there own scripthub without developing it. All they gotta do is design a templete. Insert the dll, then copy and paste some code and done. You would be connected to the "I haven't decided on a name yet" servers!

Created a new thread: (Soon) Script Hub API(Winform)

Version: 0.1.0
This is the format currently:


    "image_link": "https://kosuke14.github.io/OwlHub/Logo.png",
    "name": "OwlHub",
    "string_value": "loadstring(game:HttpGet("https://raw.githubusercontent.com/CriShoux/OwlHub/master/OwlHub.txt"))();"

^This is all I have atm. I just got the API working...(kinda)

If your wondering why I posted the .json, you thought I would post the api source? Nah, go make it yourself. It's quite easy

So yeah I mean...idk im bored and depressed...


This dll will serve as a way to import scripts into your exploit via a API. Since I don't see any public API's to import scripts into your executors, I might as well make one and contribute to the community.

Release date: 3/2/23

I will continue to post on this thread until release. There's plenty of more to come.

functions to be made:

Other things:
Make api skid proof(I see you speed)

If I see one skid I will demolish your house

Update 2/7/23: