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Replied to thread : Bypassed Byfron - UWP Client / With UWP Dumper (OPEN SOURCE)

Thank you for these I suppose. Nemi can go sh*t a brick

Replied to thread : Bypassed Byfron / Hyperion - Native Client

Great, glad to see that exploiting wont die out after all. 

Replied to thread : need ideas for the name of the exploit

S ex X


is a really good name yes

Commented to thread : Buying a byfron bypass for web roblox

They want the dll, not the cheat.

Commented to thread : [C#] Basic Info Sender

This isnt a HWID value, this is a SID value.

Commented to thread : look like exploiting on pc is dead now since byfron released on uwp :P

Haha nerd!!! jk fishy is giga brain and isnt a skid




Replied to thread : The possible end of Roblox exploiting.

sure the popularity of roblox exploiting will be declining but it wont die completely

Replied to thread : [ REL ] Bypassed Cheat Engine - Hyperion UWP

what the guy above the guy above me said | Sponsored By

Replied to thread : who doesn't feel sorry for the WPF UI?

skid alert, move on pls

Replied to thread : All about byfron, Info, dump etc

A lot of this is random, but every little helps I suppose.

Created a new thread : Byfron is now on UWP

In case you've been living under a rock, byfron technologies has rolled out Hyperion (Krampus) onto the UWP client. 
Make no attempt to backport to older UWP versions as it will most definitely be a honeypot that will term your account. 

Replied to thread : the literal peak.

I'm agreeing with Nitro on this one, Owl Hub was very popular and exploiting was reaching new capacities, new UIs were being made and it was awesome.

Replied to thread : what will happen to wearedevs forum?

I don't believe it's going anywhere. It's a bluff.