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Replied to thread: WRD News Week 2

its "nice" but boring. very boring. Spice it up, use what u have.


  • Add screenshots/pictures - not all people r interested in reading things, add screenshots from threads which are provided. People like me r more interested and attracted to pictures then just reading. Catch their attention.
  • Layout and Emotion - The emotions and opinions were lacking in some: "User RiceUsesArchBtw released a custom Synapse X UI known as "SynUI", add your opinons, waffle, make it interesting. The layout is alright but its bland. Here is how I would do it, smth similar to what I did for WRD NEWS:



4. SynUI - Custom Synapse X UI

User RiceUsesArchBtw released a custom Synapse X UI known as "SynUI".

Thread: https://forum.wearedevs.net/t/31862



A known figure in the community "RiceUsesArchBtw" has showcased and released his a new UI, "SynUI" though only customed for Synapse X its a sight to see. The simplicitic yet amazing details on this UI are something to admire shame its only sided to being a custom Synapse X UI.


Just look at it wow:



Dont make listed by numbers, personally the bullet points look nicer and it dont look like a sorted list. Make the titles not to big that it becomes annoying but not to small it doesnt stand out. Add more hyperlinks, its just easier for you and the reader as well as gives publicity to those that are showcased. Add images for examples and as well to interest others also make use of customizing the words etc for suttle designs.


Now look at the difference. But its all abt trial and error and see whats best for you and others. But gl anyways.

Replied to thread: wrd iceberg (made really fast)

Utility release shoukd be at the bottom 

Replied to thread: So.. WeAreDevs News?

Its cool to see what I started come back but ibr this won't last then maximum 2 months. Already writing the thread, finding threads for the specific categories and then other things it's just long and boring and then having to do 1 every week yh no. 


Buy how will u layout wrd news? Will u use something similar to how mine was sorted or will u do something else?


But gl I guess.

Replied to thread: [JHELP] JMy JKeyboard JIs JBroken

@SeizureSalad, man i love having spare isopropyl alcohol just laying around 

Replied to thread: Stepping down as mod

make me mod. i wont do anything benifical but my name will be red.

Replied to thread: [Release] Raynux, Roville script

@Aetheron, so if its ur first script idk why for one u need a whitelist, a logger etc. As u said above replying to Pluto that your not gonna blacklist anyone cause you probably have no idea how to and a simple if statement won't do anything. So as your first script you should remove the key system, remove the logger and just update the script there and then. Even better make it open source so more experienced developers can help better your code.


Again with the IPs, you don't need to hash em nor do you even need em in the first place. They serve 0 purpose. They can be changed so easily so blacklisting wont work and if you arnt blacklisting then what are u using the info for?

Replied to thread: [Release] Raynux, Roville script

i swear when ppl find a way to grab information like IP's they just abuse the sh*t out of it. smh.


"IP for future whitelists.", is pretty much bs. Click of a VPN and the IP is useless.


User profile is useless as well, ppl and myself use various amounts of alt accounts. Logging the user's profile: one is unessaracary, two you most likely don't have a good reason for it, three what's stopping you from reporting the accounts and getting them banned?


Overall you're just logging information cause thats what new developers wanna do nowadays (kinda explains it cause ur 13 and logging IP's and HWID makes you a good "developer" and cool) without proper reasoning or security. I see 0 hashing and a simple http spy or smth to grab hold of the webhook. Best adivce i can give you is... Remove the logger.

Replied to thread: [Question] What Are Some Of The Best Programs?

Browsers: Google, and tbh I probably wont be switching even with all the RAM issues and whatever. Its smooth, alot of great and simple features for everyday tasks.


IDE: Visual Studio 2022 and Visual Studio Code. Simple and well known, I dont run into any issues with both of em. Best  out there.


Doc viewer: Notepad, or Word. Just simple.


Antivirus: Kaspersky. Easy setup, great detection, good price.

Replied to thread: gummy back for renge

Who tf is ishan

Replied to thread: Reverse a String in python

im convicned this guy is an advanced bot running on chat gpt gathering more nautral data.

Replied to thread: Nihon 3.0 A Quick Introduction

But can nihon use kilometers? 

Replied to thread: Valentines Day

Wake up and break up

Replied to thread: How’s everyone doing

gym, mocks, GCSE, colleges, programming 

Replied to thread: Learn winforms or wpf?

Winforms for Functionality and less hastle

Wpf for showing off and very annoying.


Winforms. There's nothing limiting about winforms like ppl say.


Also u can't learn a framework. Both wpf and winforms use c#. Wpf uses xml for more detailed and in depth designs but both frameworks have pre made items ready to use and work bassically the same. So theoretically u would have to learn xml on top of c# using wpf

Replied to thread: Ecommerce store in C#

xxxtentacion website