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Replied to thread : Working exploits

No sadly. Although Nihon is releasing smth.

Replied to thread : [CW] Swatting - Nezur Owner Lucas

This is what happens if your friends with the wrong people

Replied to thread : Make WRD Active Again - MWAA

Yes i agree. This forum should just be for just developers and not just for exploiting.

Replied to thread : [WinForms] Rate my UI

It says the video is not available anymore.

Commented to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

Shut the f*ck up you out of control r*tard

Commented to thread : V.G Hub Free And Convenient 155+ games

oh sorry i didnt know it was your script lol. i thought you were someone profiting off someone elses script for a second.

Commented to thread : V.G Hub Free And Convenient 155+ games

but is vg hub your script?

Replied to thread : V.G Hub Free And Convenient 155+ games

I think everyone knows vg hub lol, it was a rather unnecessary post.

Replied to thread : Roblox External

You could probably make a simple Roblox trainer in nopd engine but instead of attaching the process to Roblox, attach it to the windows universal process. You should also learn game hacking to make a external cheat.


Also don't use cheat engine as Roblox detects that, that's why you need to use nopd engine (it's on the exploits page of wearedevs).

Replied to thread : wrd forum is dead

no sh*t sherlock

Replied to thread : Serene Client

The ui is looking hot. Nice job!

Commented to thread : since this forums is sh*t dead, im simplydev

How to make fortnite balls ui 2023 wpf edition

Replied to thread : Reversed and 0xNemi outside my house (help)

Crazy? I was crazy once...