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Why are you looking at my profile. Im just an normal person. Im nobody special?




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Replied to thread: Note for the Moderators

i agree but not, theres problems with bots as going too far, for an example somebody could make a dangerous bot or flood the chat. I would agree but up to a limit.

Replied to thread: Make the global chat messages when you load up the page scrolled to the bottom and not the top

ye, it is quite annoying having to scroll all the way too the bottom

Replied to thread: Files Missing

turn off windows defender

Replied to thread: RoCitizen's Limited Item Spawner Script

nice, good luck with coding it!

Replied to thread: Rate my UI or else

8/10, decent


(help. there gunpointing me)

Replied to thread: roblox beta only update

you can still use the browser version. when leaving a game, you can click close instead of go back to home

Replied to thread: [RATE] Minimalistic Blog Design

it looks quite nice, i love the fonts


i dont do rust but ye it would be as good idea

Replied to thread: any windows 11 exploits?


so much better exploit than novaline. get nihon :)

Replied to thread: any windows 11 exploits?


well, you dont even use a good editor. Its a script ware rip off.

Replied to thread: any windows 11 exploits?


I have got a reason why it sucks, its over rated and trash and doesn't do anything special

Created a new thread: Need somebody to teach me LUA

Hi, i really need somebody to teach me lua. I already know the basic like loops, variables, bools, and remotes but i rlly want to know more than the basics. Btw im not paying money so only do it if your willing to do it for free.


My discord - coral#6199

Replied to thread: What languages do yall speak?


Your not the only one. I only know English xd

Replied to thread: PC EXECUTOR PLS that is working now undetected jjsploit is gone :(

use sh$tsploit


Replied to thread: [CW] WeAreDevs Bot | Threatening to overthrow the human race


pls dont bro. ill change it to you :)