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Replied to thread : [Release] Hwid Grabbing/Logger

Vouch. Cool release.

Replied to thread : [Rate] Rewrite Xniper

3/10. I don't like the colour scheme and looks boring and too basic.

Commented to thread : WRD RIGHT NOW: *ROBLOX VS EXPLOIT

Commented to thread : How to make a good wpf ui

That's quite a cool tool. I might use this for picking my colour scheme.

Commented to thread : How to make a good wpf ui

Get Microsoft tech support.

Commented to thread : the cringe is unreal (Lava)

Ye. It was a pretty pointless thread tbh

Commented to thread : How to make a good wpf ui

If you want a bad ui. Simply just do the opposite to what I said.

Created a new thread : How to make a good wpf ui

Hello, today im gonna be sharing some tips to make a nice looking ui. I did make an older post about it but this will be more detailed.


Table of content:

  • Planning
  • Color Scheme and color advice
  • Icons
  • Effects
  • Animations


Planning your ui is really important to give you an idea on how it will look like. For an example planning your layout and where you want things to be. A good tool to use would be figma. Figma is a good tool for pgraphics designing. Planning your ui can save alot of time because you will have a basic idea on how the ui will look like.


Figma -

Color scheme

A color scheme is really important. I recomend something nice and colorfull rather than your ui always being gray. You should add up to three colors. I recommend using a color picker as you can get the exact color you would like. I recommend htmlcolorcodes.


A good colorpicker -


Using icons spices your ui making it look less basic and give more of a modern look. There are many good icons. I would reccomend not using the segoe mdl2 assets or segoe fuent icons as they do not have as much customization to them. A good alternitive would be svg. I will list some good icons.


Heroicons -

Material Icons/Symbols -


You can make your ui look better by adding effects. They are effects like drop shadow which make your ui look better.


Animations can make your ui look more smooth and active. You can use effects like sizing effects, fading effects and moving effects using storyboards. You can select an event of your choice on when you want that animation to start. I could make it fade when i open the window.

Hopefully these tips and tools helped you to create a better ui. 


You can view the xaml documentation for any help with adding stuff from this thread -

Replied to thread : Please stop taking my rice :(

Omg. Your back. Welcome back!

Commented to thread : LaunchExploit(); Not working

It would suite the wrd API section more

Replied to thread : LaunchExploit(); Not working

It does not work because the wearedevs API is outdated at the moment.

Replied to thread : Fart Hub Games Unite Testing Place

XD. That name is amazing.

Created a new thread : Show your signature on your profile

It would look good if it displayed your signature on your profile.

Replied to thread : wet and sweaty socks

I sometimes get wet socks walking home in the winter.

Replied to thread : [Open Source] Avalon Editor Auto-Completion with no language Servers!

Vouch. He showed me this project before he released it. A great addition to lua in Avalon.