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wsp jit /chars

Commented to thread : since this forum is dead, im 3MI

LOL him posting his stick on the forum was insane

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I think most of the WRD Community hasn't seen this. Farewell 👋

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he doesn't use discord anymore

Created a new thread : It's time. Let's talk.

With the death of free exploits and indie developers being able to develop things its clear that the future of this site is doomed. It has really embossed me and my journey throughout the community. When I first started out I experienced an extreme amount of backlash coming from pretty much everyone. (Delta has received a lot of hate, I was CWed, Had -3 Rep, Delta was later cracked, etc.) Despite this, I continued and look at delta now. It's by far the biggest exploit on the market. Honestly the community has really changed from a community to something that can almost be described as "capitalistic" market. I started out when I was 11/12 and Delta was on the WRD FP when I was just 13. 

My first WRD Account was created on Apr, 2021 and Delta was released somewhere in May 2021. Originally I started the project with "LittleKiller" (not sure how many of you guys remember him). But he decided to quit during spring this year. Delta has been a great run and really changed me and the exploiting community but it is just not the same anymore. Everything feels so cooperate nowadays, especially with people like aris joining the community (Owner of the biggest roblox gambling site). I just feel like this community will never be the same again, it has changed so much and was just a phase in peoples journey of life, but for me it was my first contact with making money. Originally, Delta was just a fun project but nowadays it has fully adapted to everything else and it's just about making money too. 1-2 Months ago I announced that delta would continue post-byfron and it is honestly not looking too bad. I will most likely continue delta but I think WRD is done for good. With the recent v3rm ownership change, resulting in all old threads being deleted, the majority of all resources died which makes the community much harder to access as well. Don't get me wrong, I wont quit WRD but I honestly think it has no future anymore. 

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ich stimme zu

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You can do as much stuff as you want, as long as its not related to malware in the exploit. The frontpage is a business and not related to the forum.

Commented to thread : Delta Windows Announcement - 5th October 2023

no its gonna be 300 gazillion dollars

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bump cuz wtf this is important?

Commented to thread : Delta Windows Announcement - 5th October 2023

we all know thats a lie 😡