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Making the best siggies in the forum uwu ( I know i'm cringe. Thank you for letting me know)


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Replied to thread : Good names for a male cat















Replied to thread : [Sug] What do you think of my Siggy?

It is bad tbh. Try making something more straight to the point if yk what I mean.

Created a new thread : Screw this furry shet, I only wanna be happy

Im tired of this, everyone on the fricking fandom are either zoophiles, creeps or pedophiles, there is no between. And then, some mfs compare me to those perverts and I am the only who gets fcked up. I only wanna be happy. So I am changing this ugly pfp and signature because why not and change it to another one.

Replied to thread : [Free] Graphic Design Service

I dare you make one better than mines MUAAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAA (lul)

Replied to thread : Add a music section

seems pretty useless tbh

Replied to thread : Rate my windowsforms UI



Replied to thread : Ugly wearedevs logo attempt

@matty324, It was supposed to be a sci-fi "W"

and i sent you your siggy on your private chat

Replied to thread : Pani Tanki Cleaner

@VoidableMethod, In my language it means "Pani Tanki Cleaner"

Replied to thread : How to make a Roblox Api.

@boyke, hi boyke, I think that this website will help you on learning C++

Created a new thread : Ugly wearedevs logo attempt

I really hate it, but how no one is asking me for siggies anymore (maybe because I suck at that lmao and because furries are disgusting) I decided to make this piece of poopoo

Replied to thread : print exploit

It took me 30 seconds to realize that this ain't lua

Replied to thread : How to bypass linkvertise ads (PHP Systems Included!)

Trigon Evo started using the which is faster and less trashy than linkvertise

Replied to thread : Rate new UI Created on winforms

9/10 I really like it