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Replied to thread : Check essay

ChatGPT. Easy.

Replied to thread : guys i deleted system32 what i do nooo

I know this is a joke thread but I just wanna say that 1. it's impossible to delete system32 without additional tools 2. your pc would already be dead (well, os, not pc) lol

Replied to thread : How to start exploiting on the Microsoft Store Roblox client

Vouch, great job! Looking forward for next tutorials 🙏

Replied to thread : [FINDING] DLL MAKER

As JJSploit said, no one is gonna make a DLL for just 100$. You'd need to spend AT LEAST 450$ for a good DLL, monthly. If you actually wan't a good DLL, you'd need to spend around 600$ per month.

Replied to thread : what is better right now?

If you wanna stay with Windows, I recommend just waiting for either Hydrogen or just purchasing SirHurt, but Hydrogen will support more features than SirHurt. But, if you wanna have better script execution, just use Hydrogen for Android with BlueStacks (or any other emulator).

Replied to thread : byfron sucks

Consider using Hydrogen and Android emulation (f.e. BlueStacks, but that's just a recommendation out of many)

Commented to thread : the situation.

I spent like 15 minutes to read the entire comments on my phone dayum


Anyways my summary is both of you aren't the best, but, Rexi, not everyone hates Luxifer. For example, even though we might've of had drama, I don't have negative opinions towards him, yet, positive, because I see how good he is in programming, and I wish I could be like him (or even better :troll:) in the nearest future. Keep me out of the drama. Thank you.

Replied to thread : [CW] Sirweeb - Skidding, questionable code

I don't really wanna stand in anyone's side because I don't wanna look like I'm d*ckriding. As long as Novaline doesn't do anything malicious, I'm all fine with it.

Replied to thread : Application to add your exploit on WRD

You should write an e-mail to Jon. Also, I doubt you'd get one right now, due to Hyperion issues.

Replied to thread : [MAJOR UPDATE] Hydrogen

Waiting for Hydrogen Windows 😒

Commented to thread : [Coming Soon] [Free] Shadow - Roblox Exploit

@Rexi "refrain from insulting" 🤓, you keep saying that also in Novaline when you have no arguments that actually prove that you're immune from the rules. Just stop that already. Also, if my past mistakes are still being pointed on me (people still sometimes call me a skid which I am not), then it means we can't forget the past.

Replied to thread : JJsploit Stopped Working On Windows 11?

1. Cringe name

2. Weird pfp, taken from Google

3. Saying JJSploit is a cryptominer


Yes, 3/4 people will roast the sh*t out of you. I'm not that type of a person, though.

Created a new thread : What are the best ways for profit?

So, I am looking for any way to earn money. Let it be exploit creating, programming something, anything (other than cryptocurrencies and things similar to that). Maybe co-operating with someone's exploit and splitting earnings? I don't know. Anything that will bring me profit.