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Created a new thread : DevSec Technologies | Authentication / Licensing Systems, Discord Bots, websites, & Discord Hosting

Welcome to DevSec Technologies!


Established on February 17th, 2024, by VoidableMethod and Ethan, DevSec Technologies is committed to providing top-notch security solutions for Discord communities.


💻 Meet Our Developer Team:

  • VoidableMethod: Specializes in developing Discord Bots for authentication and licensing systems, crafting websites, and offering reliable hosting solutions.
  • Ethan: Leads our anti-tamper and security efforts, ensuring your software stays protected from threats.
  • Luna: Proficient in programming Discord Bots and building sleek websites, contributing to our diverse range of services.


📁 What We Offer:

  • Discord Bots: Customized solutions for authentication and licensing systems to safeguard your community.
  • Website Development: Professionally crafted websites tailored to your needs, enhancing your online presence.
  • Hosting Services: Reliable hosting solutions to ensure seamless performance for your Discord bots and website.


Our Purpose

At DevSec Technologies, our mission is to empower Discord communities with robust security solutions, allowing them to thrive in a safe and secure environment.


Discord Server: Click here

Replied to thread : Is exploiting over?

Not dead, rather it's community. It's getting taken over by absolute skids and people that don't give a fk about their members and just earn money by skidding.

Created a new thread : Void Hosting | Hosting, re-defined

Void Hosting is an entirely new hosting service providing hosting services for Discord bots programmed in Python, Node.JS and other languages aswell. We also offer generic Python / Node.JS 24/7 hosting with hardware that will have your programs running secure and stable. 

For more details please write me a message on Discord: voidablecircuit


First of all we'd like YOU to verify YOUR reputation on this forum 💀

Replied to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

Do whatever you want, this community is dead already.

Commented to thread : [Help] My gpu not detected!!

@F34R If you can use any other GPU or you have an iGPU, do it with that choice.

Replied to thread : [Help] My gpu not detected!!

Install the GTX 950 drivers. It should be working fine then.

Replied to thread : how we could reverse engineer byfron

what the deobfuscator said

Commented to thread : [Q] C++/Memory hacking related question

Thank you! I'll be sure to check that out.

Replied to thread : Is This The Future Of Roblox Exploits?

Stupid jokes aside, this seems very interesting. Great job.

Replied to thread : how do I use it?

The source is just simply outdated and you would need to update it. You can try making an API for it somehow - I don't know how, I don't know Rust, but I hope you'll get there eventually.

Created a new thread : [Q] C++/Memory hacking related question


This question is mostly intended for people that know about C++, reverse engineering and memory stuff. Okay, so, basically:

I think most of us started from some basic things. Well, I did start from Assault Cube. It's easy. Cheat Engine + C++ / C#. But now, I wanna move one to some other games. I found a game called "Pumping Simulator 2" (everything is cracked). I found the money address and value, managed to have fun with it, write an external trainer for that game. But, I failed to use pointers (there's 1+ pointers and a lot of addresses that lead to the value and address). Could some either tell me, or, please, teach me how to handle those?


It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

Replied to thread : Is buying this SSD a good investment?

Yes, SSDs can be a good investment, but I recommend purchasing a NVMe disk, if your PC supports that. To be specific, I recommend you this one (from a Polish shop, since I see your language is Polish):