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Replied to thread : looking to de-obfuscate a Synapse Xen script into LUA

i dont think anyone found a way to deobfuscate such scripts, good luck tho

Replied to thread : Pet Sim 99 script

to anyone that actually wants to use this script; dont. it's an obfuscated script and this is just overall suspicious, it probably steals your pets

Replied to thread : [CW] Swatting - Nezur Owner Lucas

Keep in mind this is the same guy that got banned on WRD before he went under his current alias


hope he gets put in jail

Created a new thread : Can anyone update me on if exploits exist?

hi, i recently got into roblox development and im wondering if there are still any working exploits remaining.

many thanks

Commented to thread : Void Hosting | Hosting, re-defined

do you think an actual person wrote this or no

Replied to thread : What happened to the website?

david zucki anticheat

Replied to thread : Argon CS2 And More Cheats!

cant see sht but gl on your project

Replied to thread : A Step in the Right Direction

This forum has not had any activity in a loong time. I will also be focusing on other things. Farewell, Nick and everyone still on this forum. 


Replied to thread : It's time. Let's talk.

Definitely, I've lost interest in Roblox ever since Byfron was released on UWP. Dont think we're gonna make it any further than this anymore.