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Commented to thread : WeAreDevs on an AIO Screen

I'm glad i missed that

Replied to thread : [REQ] IDA Pro. Download Links

Commented to thread : [CW] Kiwixcoke - Extortion/False Striking

Im geniune in the exploiting community nowadays


Replied to thread : CW - AETHERON SKID MEGA RACIST

Ok I will negrep him. Imagine doing this omg

Commented to thread : SHHJAMES - SORRY

@mcdonaghethan She's an ex for a reason I think

Replied to thread : SHHJAMES - SORRY

james needs to shh fr

Replied to thread : SHHJAMES - SORRY

bro shut up you are not even developer

Commented to thread : Nam3 -> Overview

Quite the coincidence.... or not

Replied to thread : WordPress: Exploring Tips, Tricks, and Best Practices for Website Development

why you staring in my face like that i dont want your wordpress tutorial anymore

Replied to thread : Guys, I need help.

Dont give this man any more money