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Replied to thread : [V3] [Update] Blue Moon




Replied to thread : [WPF UI] Second Prototype of Sentence UI

love it :)



Replied to thread : Misako UI for sale

cool, show ui pics

Replied to thread : Reason's To Use Nihon.

vouch cool but the text editor disappeared and when i tried to make a new time gave some weird error and shutdown lol, but dmd immune he started fixing it 



great nice owner too lol

Replied to thread : KMP algorithm's time complexity

pov: robloooc forum


uhh just make that kp thing like 7 and it wil be fix :--)

Replied to thread : [Pre Release] Voyager - A new ROBLOX exploit.

@TERIHAX Yeah we already kinda corrected that. We originally were going to make a public api but we are just doing a DLL now.

Replied to thread : Winforms UIs

A while ago you said you'd create a WinForms UI for Voyager for free. Are you stil going to do that or nah.


Replied to thread : Roblox Fatal Error...

Step 1: Give me your computer

Step 2: Aquire the money

Step 3: Create a drug cartel

Step 4: get charged 69k for a 1k build

Step 5: Reinstall JJSPLOIT, and you should be fine 


Replied to thread : [ NEW! ] WeAreDevs Slander V2

I don't know if it was you who made the new vs old exploits videos, but if it was, could you make more? I think they were very cool.

Replied to thread : [Pre Release] Voyager - A new ROBLOX exploit.

@Keshiki May I ask what you mean by competitive utility? If you mean, like a competing exploit, yes, we will be one.

Replied to thread : [Pre Release] Voyager - A new ROBLOX exploit.

@Peyton_ What you just said, is exactly what we are going to do for Voyager, we are still gonna be two apis once we have our own. Voyager DLL (not gonna be public prob) and Oxygen. 


Thanks, Voyager Team.

Replied to thread : Krnl Exploit

Also this is kind of breaking rule 1 in

Replied to thread : Krnl Exploit

You probably used a bad script OR got hacked from someone else and they joined a game then signed you out of your account then changed the pass



I doubt it has anything to do with KRNL.

Replied to thread : [Free] I will make a Discord auth bot for your cheat

Hey imma hit you up on WRD soon. If your down you'll get credits.