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Replied to thread : Reason's To Use Nihon.

no it sucks :skull:

Replied to thread : It's my birthday :)

happy bday!!! charrs

Replied to thread : what do you think of my new website !!!

good job, i like it :)

Created a new thread : Any good resources for LUA?

I want to learn LUA so I can make scripts and stuff, anyone got some good resources? I know how to use Roblox Studio and stuff

Replied to thread : "You are running an u supported version of roblox"

the developers may not have updated it.


go to and if it matches the version WRD-API is updated for then theres another issue, but if it doesnt match then you need to either update roblox or as i can see youve alr tried that, wait for the WRD devs to update the Dll, it shoudlnt take long

Replied to thread : Allow people to follow other users

@Glitch_B0ss internet protocol in my own words it basically is a code attached to your ISP/router, it identifies who you are on the internet which is how it is sometimes used for whitelisting and blacklisting although ineffective due to vpns, and it contains info on your GPS and stuff which is why getting doxxed is dangerous, they can get a rough estimate of where you live. use protonvpn if you ever need to, websites will normally use your ip

Replied to thread : [QUESTION] Which Linux Distro Should I Use

ill just say linux mint because i have absolutely no knowledge in anything to do with linux and im addicted to extra minty chewing gum (ate about 15 in the span of 12 hours)

Replied to thread : Smol update!

Damn bro, I wish you well : )

Replied to thread : Mr. Lolegic, (Imcompetent, Egotistical, Etc)

@bennytrt Console.WriteLine("read to the end");


Replied to thread : Mr. Lolegic, (Imcompetent, Egotistical, Etc)

@89215 I saw the early stages of the argument go down, and I have mixed opinions on the situation. I'll start of by pointing out that Lolegic sent me a DM, showing Immune calling him a r##ard in his DMs. From what I saw, Immune started the argument because of Lolegic pointing that some injection methods wont work after byfron.


Then again, Lolegic made a hypocritical comment, 'C# is for gays', as he uses the language himself. He was also very eager to continue arguing when I told them both to stop.


I was asleep throughout the third-quater of the argument, however, from what I saw, I see both users in the wrong because it was a very immature argument.

Let's hope both users can learn from their mistakes and an alercation like this doesn't happen again.


For those wondering why I'm online when I said I quitted, I'm just here to express my opinions as most of it went down in Nexulas server and it was quite heated, with both users breaking rules.

Replied to thread : Mr. Lolegic, (Imcompetent, Egotistical, Etc)

'I didn't tell him to stop' - I muted him twice and locked chat because of this.

Replied to thread : Discussion: WPF or WinForms?

@ImmuneLion318 I was struggling with the C# side.

Replied to thread : Discussion: WPF or WinForms?

@SeizureSalad how is an opinion true or false lol. but i dont know as much about WPF so I may be wrong about it being faster

Replied to thread : Discussion: WPF or WinForms?

@Hiroku I'd consider myself Vortex-Level in WinForms. I can make a UI like his in < 5-10 minutes