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Replied to thread : My First WPF Attempt [Rate <3]

2/10 but don't take it personal. A WPF UI like that is not my style.


That is my honest rating if you're asking if I'm being sarcastic!

Replied to thread : Illusion - The Definitive Roblox Script Hub [OFFICIAL]

im sorry but what the hell is this 😂😂



Replied to thread : [Pre Release] Voyager - A new ROBLOX exploit.

Thought it was a new competitive utility, I guess not?

Replied to thread : Krnl Exploit

This is your fault if you had gotten your account compromised or downloaded through a fake website / discord / hosting.


We have an official subreddit for Krnl which keeps everyone up-to-date with what the actual website and Discord server are; from there, you can easily get an access to the official Discord server.

Replied to thread : [PAID] Anti RemoteSpy For Your Exploiting Scripts

Sorry but this can be easily patched. I know that for a fact without buying this.

Any basic detections for SimpleSpy won't work for my personal remote spy.

Replied to thread : [UPCOMING] Myra - Custom Module

Drop Myra, this is a trash project kek. When is Kraken X? Never?

Replied to thread : CW // Mercury - Lies, Lies, Skidding, and Illegal Activites, what a disaster!

"Better than KRNL", that's actually laughable; who is this guy anyways.

Replied to thread : [UI] $15 Dollar UI Service

@Zera Likewise buddy, let's be twins and ruin the toilets.

Replied to thread : [RELEASE] Synapse E V1

My eyes bleed from this, please. Never ever make another poop UI like this again. Make your own design & concept.

Replied to thread : [UI] $15 Dollar UI Service

@Hiroku I despise you the most, never ever say that to me again.

Replied to thread : [UI] $15 Dollar UI Service

The tabbing style ruins it the most. 🤷‍♂🤷‍♂🤷‍♂

Replied to thread : (COUNTER-CW) kiwixcoke and slapping him with some facts.



The reason why iDev is doing v2 is because I make scripts that can break Oxygen U :)


Oh and @RODX81
Nobody cares? Why should we care if that user's DMs are off or has blocked you, to the point where you'd make that screenshot?

Replied to thread : My goodbye thread idk



Imagine reviving the dead and irrelevant thread.

Replied to thread : (COUNTER-CW) kiwixcoke and slapping him with some facts.



About that... Isn't Comet based off of WRD API? I don't see any differences between the WRD API and Comet DLL LOL? Or... did they finally changed it?

Replied to thread : Introducing: KRNL X (Powerful Exploit)

This is bulls. You will never EVER get any $$$ from making an API based off of our exploit.


- KRNL Owner, Kesh.