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Replied to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.


Replied to thread : Farewell ( insert count here )

Some of these are already public. Like the acrylix UI (Just my guess)

Replied to thread : the literal peak.


Replied to thread : Should i be allowed on WRD for a month?

Your still making alts after I locked your main. You told me if you broke any rules to ban you so that is what I am doing 💀 

Replied to thread : my mans its time for the big question

No, given many many many chances mate idk how many tickets there is in wrd of just mod giving you chances 

Replied to thread : Becomming clean and addresing the things ive done

what the person above me said

Commented to thread : [ Semi-CW ] Ezsploits, Using DLL without permission, Toxicity


Your logical reasoning got cancelled out by your immaturity. Maybe word your posts better before countering.

Replied to thread : Overview of the Shadow & Nihon Rewrite

Collab of the century????? Vouch

Replied to thread : (SPECULATION) @0xNemi may not be Nemi from Byfron.

Man I dont think anyone personally cares its just one man on WRD. If you took time to write a thread about how he isn't Nemi you could have probably finished like the whole Hogwarts series

Replied to thread : Kato Android

Vouch Ong charrrrr

Replied to thread : Zelda V2 Roblox Exploit

Hello please provide a hybrid.anyalsis and a if it supports window 7 if not please provide a hybrid.anylasis to get your thread unlocked.  

Replied to thread : What's the best quote you've ever heard?

If a man takes a $h!t, it doesn't mean he's constipated. It's just that he's been holding it in for too long. - Hiroku

Replied to thread : Well this is awkward

What B00M said 

Replied to thread : Byfron released?

I heard around 5% of the user base has it and they are slowly rolling it out to people