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Material Design Icons 


Picto Icons 

Replied to thread: I want a opinion on my new Executor

Please add a hybrid anylasis to get your thread unlocked but editing your thread and adding it 

Replied to thread: 77fuscator | Free Lua Obfuscator | Fast | Secure

Goofy ahhhhh gl on this my boy I see it going far 

Replied to thread: rate my rust essay

@Astronemi, Hiroku > Heroku

Replied to thread: rate my rust essay

They used HirokuGPT to write that long no cap 

Replied to thread: Lua VM explained in monkey banana terms

@RealNickk, stop your making it worse now :cri: I don't understand any of this monkey talk man 🐵🐵🐵🐵🐵

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I still didnt understand this 

Replied to thread: Kronos - (Update v1.04) FREE! | No Key Sys | Huge Script Hub | Many Other Features Also

The amount of thread should slow down. And I personally don't know what the need to gather info is. If you have a key system then sure get HWiD but I personally cant find another reason as its necessary to log a bunch of info that is just me imo

Replied to thread: rust is sucks dont start lol

Idk I just find it dumb that we can't come to the understanding that rust has its own benefits and people have different opinions and prefrences and even if rust provides something better and people don't wanna learn it cause they have their own reasoning we should leave it at that. But some people can't accept the fact that people have prefrences and rather downplay them for have different opinions then others. But hopefully this changes. I am going to lock the thread to prevent any kind of further discussion if their is any problems with what I said you can dm me or ping me in a server or if anyone here has a question for anyone else on this forum you can always pm for rust or cpp or any kind knowledge you seek. 

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Lol best advertisement 

Replied to thread: Selenite NextGen (just announce lol)

@Mole, damn me personally I would take that from @RealNickk

Replied to thread: My Linux Experience as a Daily Driver

@Mole, I am everything except for the open source anime pfp and uwu just hit different when it's from a 60 year old man on discord 

Replied to thread: My Linux Experience as a Daily Driver

Idk who you are anymore. Your not the man I once married :cri:

Replied to thread: Is the Samsung galaxy S20 a good phone?

If I were you I would go on backmarket if you aren't already or facebook marketplace and go for a s21 instead or a s20 note since those are worth the base s20 is alright but most opinions favor in going to s21 or s20 note instead of just buying the base 20 since they couldn't find a legitimate reason other then camera specs to switch from a s10 to a s20. But is just my opinion and I would do more research just in case cause you don't want to regret buying a phone I hope this helps :D


Hello it seems you don't got a hybrid anylasis and a any run so i amma lock the thread until you make those changes to your thread