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Replied to thread : Hello World

Hello My Friend.

Replied to thread : Goodbye WRD, my childhood. An official goodbye.

Gonna Miss You My Friend Hit Me Up On Discord Anytime You Have Me Friended.

Replied to thread : [FREE] Roblox Web Executor April 2024

This Is Untested I Wouldn't Recommend Trying To Use And Could Possibly Be A Virus, If You Want To Exploit Use Krampus Don't Use Some Fake Crack Or Anything.

Replied to thread : Louka's Blog

Is That The "Dead Locust" Or "Malaysia Man".

Replied to thread : [WinForms] Rate my UI

It's Really Mid But Nice Work For Windows Forms.

Replied to thread : My Next Steps.

As An Update I Left Out, I Originally Took Over JJSploit's Module During The Changes On The UWP Client And Unfortunately With My Departure I'm No Longer Able To Maintain Perhaps I'll Come Back To Provide It Another Time Sorry Anyone.

Replied to thread : pls fix jjsploit NOW

Sorry Mate I Was The Dll Dev For JJSploit's Dll And I Left Com.

Replied to thread : My 'Offical' Announcement of My Departure.


Commented to thread : My Next Steps.

I'm Not Gonna Defend My Actions My Aggression Nor My Behavior I've Done What I've Done For The Greater Good Of The Community In My Eyes, As Said In The Cod Series "When We Sh*t We Bury It." Or "You Know What They Say About Revenge, You'd Better Be Ready To Dig Two Graves." I Did What I Did Because I Felt I Had No Other Choice Which Would Offer A Better Outcome, In The Process I Buried Myself With Everyone I Mean't To Take Down For What They've Done, If You Don't Agree With Me You Don't Agree Plain And Simple But You Wasn't There You Don't Know What Goes On Behind Closed Doors So I Can't Exactly Agree With What You've Said.


Commented to thread : My Next Steps.

I Miss When It Was Me, You, Shade, Locust.

Replied to thread : My Next Steps.

Appreciate The Replies.

Created a new thread : My Next Steps.

This Was Expected But With Roblox Upgrading Their Security.


I Wanted To Take A Moment To Inform You That I Have Made The Difficult Decision To Leave The Roblox Exploiting Community. It Has Been An Incredible Journey, And I've Had The Opportunity To Meet And Collaborate With Some Truly Talented Developers. However, I Believe It Is Time For Me To Move In A Different Direction, As I've Got Things In Life To Look Forward To College, Graduation Etc.


I Want To Express My Deep Appreciation For The Knowledge And Experiences I've Gained During My Time In The Community. I'm Grateful For The Friendships I've Formed Along The Way.


Thank You For All The Support, Knowledge Sharing, And Memorable Moments We've Shared Together. If You Ever Want To Reach Out Or Stay In Touch, Please Feel Free To Contact Me Through Discord immoonlion318.


I Hope To Retain My Role Here Cause I'll Stop By Fairly Often Since I Have A Lot Of Free Time, I Don't Intend On Stopping Developing Nor Do I Intend On Killing Off Nihon I May Mess Around With It Every Now And Then Otherwise I Want To Thank Everyone For The Wonderful Experience I've Had Here And The Great Memories I've Made With All My Friends It's Truly Been A Wonderful 3 Years.


I'll Keep Nihon Up As A Show Of What Me And My Best Friends Have Created Together Just Give Me Time To Push A Build Which Functions.


Me And The Boys In This Community.

Replied to thread : [release] jsploit src

I Saw This On V3rm And Here And Thought It Was JJSploit Src Like My Dll Then The Ui Lol.

Replied to thread : [CW]: Cherry/Objective & Argon's Module Sources have been leaked!

It's Sad Ethan Does This To People Even More Sad You Posted It's Not Even About The Source It's About The Lack Respect Towards Who Made It Shameful Behavior.