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Created a new thread: [Warning] Do Not Use Grp Products.

So Yesterday Someone Released What Appeared To Be Grp Bootstrapper Now We All Know Grp Has A Friend Who Is A Logger But I Took This Exe Threw It into Any.Run Cause It Had Elevated Permissions And This Happened.


The Processes Of Itself It Created


Killed Any.Run


Well You May Be Like Well Immune Maybe It's A Fake Grp Well If You Take A Look At The Ones Above Hash


When Running Again And Slowing Down You Can See This


Which Is The Official Grp Installer Even Afterwards Installed The Executor Itself


But Oh Wait What's This? It's Got The Same Md5 Hash And Was Literally Just A Restart Of The Previous Exe Uploaded Hmm.


This Is Just A Warning To Be Aware Of Grp His Scummy Friend And His Scummy Executor.


Replied to thread: LuaVM::load scanning

Real Question Is Why Even Use GetState Just Look At The Default In Its Switch Statement And You'll Have Your State Encryption Easy. As For LuaVM Load I Don't Use EyeStep Enough To Know An Answer Sorry.


@atariXD More Like 2012 This Is Ancient Smh. Lol

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@B00M They Just Look Ripped Off.

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@B00M I'm Talking About The Ones You Said To Possibly Open-Source, Those Are The Ones I'm Referring To.

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@B00M Your Tabs Look Like You Ripped From Sentinel Lmao

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@OyAdonis, This Stuff Is Probably 2 Years Old Now Is Why.

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@DracoFAAD Agreeable Only For Axon

Created a new thread: [Showcase] Axon Updated

Me And Joe Is Bored So Here Is The Funny

Replied to thread: [Cw] Alezia Exploit | Skidding, Malicious Content

@Nikkk Appfuscator Is Easier Than You Think.

Replied to thread: Nihon wearedevs you are running a unsupported version of roblox

Delete The Exploit-Main.dll And Re-Inject. Also Make Sure You Updated Nihon To The Latest Version.

Replied to thread: [🔥 THUG SHAKERS 🔥] Some SirHurt key giveaway

Give Just So I Can Never Use Again :Troll:

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Hehe Less Post More Rep