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Looking to join as UI Dev on a serious project




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Title says it all. Honestly it's cus i finished writing up the code for my own proj except I don't want to release it w a public API. Hence why I'm looking to join a proper team and contribute my code there.


ui exemplar below


if i send all windows here thread will be too long so here is example. w c# backend too so if u dont have a c# dev and dont mind sometimes not best optimized code i can do that too


Peace :)


ps if anyones wonderin if lunars cancelled no; it isn't. it might be if i join a team tho

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vouch akula is very good and professional


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Vouch I like your designs, also I would move this to marketplace 

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Just saw a post on V3rm by Kenkyo. Is that you?


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It is, the account is alt-checked to BNN Exploits which was Akula's old pseudonym 3 years ago.

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i say im gay as a joke 🙀

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that looks so damn good

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Coming Soon

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Are you looking to be paid? If so, would you be interested in selling the UI?

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why light theme 😭😭

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Did I mention I use arch btw?

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