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"Your code looks like a decompiled roblox script" - Me


yeahhh can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh a burgeor and uhhhhh 3 large frie


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Replied to thread : How do I execute with Rosploco?

what webview are you using

Commented to thread : Reputation.

can't people with noticed also rep?

Replied to thread : Is buying this SSD a good investment?

ssds are worth it, ive seen games where having them installed on hdds makes them pretty slow, also im no hardware expert but im pretty sure hdds can say goodnight one day and loose all your data which i dont think happens to ssds

Replied to thread : Bypassed Byfron - UWP Client / With UWP Dumper (OPEN SOURCE)

just upload it to github its a lot easier to view

Commented to thread : How are roblox allowed to ban us for downgrading?

@ConorTips theres absolutely 0 reason to downgrade unless your cheating, and they dont need to put "no downgrading" in their tos, it wouldnt be a honeypot if it was in the tos

Replied to thread : Bypassed Byfron / Hyperion - Native Client

my brain is too small to understand whats happening in this video

Commented to thread : How are roblox allowed to ban us for downgrading?

@ConorTips what does tos have to do with banning cheaters?

Replied to thread : How are roblox allowed to ban us for downgrading?

what the hell are you talking about, theres no reason to downgrade if your not exploiting so roblox just bans you

Replied to thread : Techcare, he thong laptop so 1 tai Da Nang

what the human above me said

Replied to thread : lack of updates

are you living under a rock?

Replied to thread : The possible end of Roblox exploiting.

Replied to thread : the end of an era

another one bites the dust..

Replied to thread : Making a new UI for Shadow

doesnt look too bad but theres room for improvement, heres a few tips:

1. more space between the buttons at the bottom execute, files etc..

2. make the tabs a bit shorter in height

3. get better icons for the titlebar buttons, they are different sizes and dont really match up

4. welcome page heading needs to be bigger and further away from the titlebar

5. welcome page text needs to be slightly bigger and prob a bit shorter too

6. smaller icons on the script hub search bar

7. get some better icons for the page buttons


you should try using material icons from google, make sure to select the rounded icons, they look 10x better

Replied to thread : 100$ for a Roblox script

lmao what, 100$ for a roblox script? yall really that down bad?