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Im in a love hate relationship with lua


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Replied to thread: Rate my upcoming exploit ui

God is very disappointed

Created a new thread: glow in roblox guis

How would i make a button or text box glow in roblox? there has to be a way thats better than uploading glowing images, they always look stretched or pixetated

Replied to thread: how much you'll rate urself at LUA ??

8/10 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/978292534767919134/995354326954426488/funi.png

Replied to thread: NEW Exploit/Update [V1.03 Kronos] Amazing UI | No Key Sys | Huge Script Hub | (403 Error) FIX!


Replied to thread: Rate new UI Created on winforms

icons are bad but other than that its really nice 8/10

Replied to thread: Rate my executor UI (OPEN)

0/10 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/978292534767919134/995354326954426488/funi.png

Replied to thread: [REQ] RoGold Ultimate Crack?

tried to make one but it breaks the website

Replied to thread: [Release] Delta Android - #1 Free Executor for Android

@Delta no yu just suck haha!11

Created a new thread: Hydrogen mac not on front page

On wrd its only for android even tho they released the mac version



Replied to thread: [REL] FiveDuels Script

Replied to thread: [QUESTION] Rate My UI

I actually really like it ngl, icons are a bit big tho

Replied to thread: Nihon 3.0 A Quick Introduction

zamn https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/978292534767919134/995354326954426488/funi.png

Replied to thread: Help Cant Parse Json

why would you need people's robux balanace anyway.. 


Replied to thread: Can someone patch rogold ultimate

@Space ok so.. the ui is a bit (very) broken but i dont think i can do that much about it

make sure to temporarily disable any other roblox extension