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Replied to thread : Looking to join as UI Dev on a serious project

Just saw a post on V3rm by Kenkyo. Is that you?

Replied to thread : How to rename console so it shows the name of my exploit

If you're reffering to the console used with rconsoleprint etc, use rconsolename(<string> title)

Replied to thread : How to rename console so it shows the name of my exploit

No, you can't.

The console title is set though the DLL that we provide, which is heavily obfuscated and protected to prevent theft.

Replied to thread : Is EasyExploits api still works?

Don't use EXAPI, it is literally just a stolen WRD API with their watermark slapped on it.

Replied to thread : just are these buttons good enough

Reminds me of the old "button" styling I used to use for AutisticWare.

(uses labels, not actual buttons)

Replied to thread : [QUESTION] Why do apisploits have a keysystem

In my opinion, they shouldn't have one UNLESS they're aiming to get their own DLL made, but it should be 1 page max.

Fluxus started out as an apisploit way back in 2019, we got enough revenue to get our own DLL made and since then its just expanded to the best free exploit on the market (also owning 95% of the free market lmao)

Replied to thread : pls rate my executor ui and it is wpf

Just looks like a sh'tty SW v3 remake

Replied to thread : why dont exploits just make a auto launch feature?

A true auto-launch isn't as simple as just "making it", iirc - synapse autolaunch actually modifies the roblox application itself, not the easiest of jobs.

Replied to thread : Fluxus Named Pipes

Fluxus pipes are dynamic, there is no set name so people like you can't skid LOL
Even if you did get the correct pipe name (which isn't hard at all unless you're a mega skid), you would still have to authenticate a key. 

Replied to thread : Introducing SirHurt's exploit status checker! List your exploit for FREE!

No thanks, don't fancy using a service made by a known pedophile. Also would appreciate if you take my software off your website.

Replied to thread : How to add tabs without monaco

public TabItem Tab(){

//learn to code

return Tab;



Tab = new tab();

Tab.Content = yourcontent;

Tab.Name = "Just Use Fluxus";


Replied to thread : Script Ware Source Code

That's the original script-ware source from years ago (its open source on Azulx's github)

any source that claims to be script-ware v2 is fake as its not released/leaked.

Replied to thread : WeAreDevs_API Issue?

I wouldn't recommend you use the legacy injector as its extremely detected ( thats why we tell you to use our injector )

As for your error, you need to make sure you got all the dependencies installed (vcredist x86 & vcredist x64)

You also need to make sure you're using the WEB roblox, not the microsoft version.

Replied to thread : JJsploit V7.1 (Unoffical)

"so it can run loadstrings"

You do realise loadstrings are handled by the DLL and not the UI, you've basically just made a UI, slapped wrd api on it and called it a day