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Replied to thread : [CW] Winsploit or scammersploit

pasting boostrapper code shows you really dont understand the littlest of things


Everything is dead ive just been working on this as a fun project. Its a Colorbot with Aimbot, Triggerbot, ESP, Player targeting to aim for the head, body, legs, Aim Predictions and a bunch of other cool customizable features. Made in c# and named URA.


Also I plan on making most of URA open source when completed and releasing URA Colorbot into a full c# api so anyone can make there own Colorbot


If you are interested when I release it or in the development join my Discord Server below:



why the title because ...

Created a new thread : [CW] Swatting - Nezur Owner Lucas

If you didn't know Lucas is the owner of Nezur and I am an old dev of him who started working on Nezur V2 before quitting. Just a few hours ago Lucas swatted me by calling my University and told them I have THC(weed) in my room so I had cops show up to my room and ask about it which I showed them these screenshots of Lucas saying he going to do it and they have taken down the report as him false calling in for revenge and the cops will likely now track back his phone number.

Commented to thread : Roblox External

It will most likely be never or anytime within the near future

Commented to thread : [Release] Kronos Uwp Executor | Working After Byfron | Custom Roblox Client

Do something with your life lol you DONT develop anything and I do cry about it some more. All you do is keep throwing the word skid around like I means something thanks for the bump btw :heart:

Replied to thread : Rate my exploit UI

Your relative size of every other object compared to each other is imbalanced as hell

Replied to thread : [CW[ pluto.guy skidding/dumbness/toxicity/childish/spamming

Bro get this 13 year old mf out of here lol all he is, is toxic kid that no one actually likes lmao. Did I mention how he just cries about everything that does not go his way and complains non stop to immune when someone huwrt his fweelings lol. I just find every interaction with him hillarious because of his spedisum cracks me up when trolling him.

Commented to thread : [Release] Kronos Uwp Executor | Working After Byfron | Custom Roblox Client

L User you deserve what you get, not my fault. Crazy your saying my init script is skidded also lmao you dont developed anything usefull or know anything about actual exploits lol. Go back home kiddo.

Commented to thread : [Release] Kronos Uwp Executor | Working After Byfron | Custom Roblox Client

L Werido, Why you so toxic did someone hurt you??

Replied to thread : synapse switching sides is a w for them

Roblox couldn't sue them lol, they have no biased to do so you don't know what your talking about, even synapse owner said so. I do respect there decision because they don't owe this community anything they made the decision best for them