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is macbook m1 good enough to develop game on ue5?

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my brother have a powerful pc with amd ryzen 7 and rtx 4090 but he is about to sell it away meaning i cant borrow his pc anymore so i am considering to buy a macbook m1 for myself to develop games on ue5 and play some heavy game on it like tlou ,rdr2 ,gtav, i dont want to go to internet cafe just to do all of these thing.

Can anyone give me advice should i buy a macbook m1 for my needs?

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An m1 macbook i assure you wont run nearly any of the games u listed, nor do i believe ue5 will be functional. You may need to increase your budget 

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dont buy from apple lol, overpriced af

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@Astronemi Asahi linux does exist

and wine works on it

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get windows

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can he sell that pc to me 

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