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Replied to thread: [Open Source] Fully Made Tab System

@RiceUsesArchBtw multiple INSTANCES?? Damn and here I thought me not coding at all was bad

Replied to thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

@z_Kenneth use design trends used in modern day applications and ux concepts. Glassmorphism, neumorphism, frost effect, breathe effect, any which would fit the category of whatever software your developing

Replied to thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

the border thickness stinks, window border is unnecessary (it doesn't add any appeal), your top bar is the purest definition of basic done wrong, your search bar is teeny tiny, your tabs look inconsistent in padding and margin, your icons are icky and have no appeal, and theres white space on the top of the executor section. Pretty mediocre, 4/10

Replied to thread: Should I release an Open-Source Tab System

no, there's enough

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Orbit Executor

Sad that its mid

Replied to thread: Rate my upcoming exploit ui

5 months? Well talk about a waste

Replied to thread: [PRERELEASE] SynUI - another custom Synapse X ui | Open-source project

Its very useful, may just paste the new code over to my old hexus ported syn ui 🍷

Replied to thread: Mooncore, an upcoming script-hub

"Both development positions offer a small percentage of any income made by Mooncore, however we can't promise anything." 


talk about a huge red flag, either incompetent devs will be interested or nobody in general. If you have nothing to offer then finding anyone of decent intellect is likely not to happen. 

Replied to thread: Hi Everyone. Is this Gaming Laptop good?



well not 98% but heres the result



Replied to thread: Hi Everyone. Is this Gaming Laptop good?

that laptop is okay, nothing crazy for 800$. Seen an acer nitro go for as much which is practically the same in terms of power. I think its a good budget gaming laptop with the 3050 ti, may last you another decade or so but don't expect good performance for triple AAA games. My dad bought this asus tuf dash f15 during quarantine (overpaid by 200$ including warranty) but it lowered in price since gpus aint as expensive now







intel i7, 3060 gpu, 16 gigs ram, 512 gb nvme ssd

Replied to thread: [🔥 THUG SHAKERS 🔥] Some SirHurt key giveaway

ew sirhurt, how nasty can that be

Replied to thread: NoMoreLife (Selling my property | Toxic)

That dudes got the mind of a true businessman hope he gets the sales he needs

Replied to thread: XAML WPF Tutorial Channel



much appreciated 

Replied to thread: XAML WPF Tutorial Channel

@Nikkk ill check it out right now thanks a lot

Replied to thread: XAML WPF Tutorial Channel

@tempegoreng thanks for the idea guess I know what my next few videos will cover.