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Replied to thread: I want a opinion on my new Executor

fonts aren't good looking, the borders on buttons look pretty bad, major improvement needed on this ui

Replied to thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

@Zera,what would be a good way of adding "appeal" to a ui

Replied to thread: Should I release an Open-Source Tab System

no i think there are enough yt tutorials to fulfill the needs of beginners

Replied to thread: is my website ui bad? (i just made it and im kind of new to this stuff)

school presentation type of website

Replied to thread: I need Help with parex webviewapi

im pretty sure the api has GetText() so u grab ur current webview and api.execute(currentwebview.gettext()); simple

Replied to thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

alr making immediate changes to the gradient no more goofy commets abt the color please and thank you

Replied to thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

@ItsNitro, what animation is slow exactly, wtf do u mean "too linear"????

Replied to thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

@marcus__, when it's finished i'll have a setting which includes a color picker so it can be customizable

Created a new thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

hello i need ur opinions once again, a rating from 1-10, what looks good and what is not, thanks

(clearly the ui is unfinished)


updated: https://gyazo.com/731d94899d12eb07e3fa78874db2fca2

Replied to thread: [RATE] Winforms UI.

3.5/10 basic, bland, but looks like you're new so good effort 


good work from a project that took 17 years to make well done 9.9/10 (-.1 becuz not paid)

Replied to thread: [CW] ChargedX and Zecay - post farming

i personally think that these people are little kiddies that just learned how to "hack" in jailbreak and is now wanting to make their own crapsploit and website made by wix or weebly 💀💀💀

Created a new thread: bro went from -5 to -11 in a matter of 2 mins 💀💀💀

yes i'm talking about alternateD i feel bad for that mf 😭😭😭 tbf i just wanna know what y'all's opinion on him is

Replied to thread: Fluxus API Archive

they still have the download in the fluxus support server i think, it's a bit outdated so you'd have to go and change the link address

Replied to thread: hello guys need help with cloud script hub

my bad, it works tho it's all that matters