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Replied to thread : bro skidded kronos api

😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 no buenoo  skidding korno 

Replied to thread : New release Infernus V5 Beta!

this ui looks incredibly awful

Replied to thread : Rate my ui for my exploit

this exploit reminds me of a used pc that hasn't been cleaned since 2004

Replied to thread : Neuron [Coming Soon!]

my poor eyes holy absolute pepperoni

Replied to thread : [UPDATE] Winky 1.1 - The Best (and only) Rust Roblox Executor

vouch (i am held in alawapr's basement please call help)

Replied to thread : Kronos Uwp V4 new ui | Opinions wanted

top bar looks terrible but better improvement!

Replied to thread : is macbook m1 good enough to develop game on ue5?

can he sell that pc to me 

Commented to thread : [Counter CW] Joztyns [Skid, Ego, Defamation, Hypocrite]

lowkey though ure pretty retarded plus you and zayn tried to come up with payments and u offered something about nitro boosts, zayn denied at first but then he accepted later, you then proceeded to say you can't offer nitro boosts anymore? 


joztyn did say something about u trying to scam zayn for some styles, but u deleted that specific message before he could get a screenshot, even if this were a joke it's still messed up. however i couldn't believe joztyn since he has no proof of u saying that, however(again) you would be the type of person to say that

Commented to thread : [CW] Pluto_Guy Skidding

he'll do it again

Commented to thread : [CW] Pluto_Guy Skidding

i forgot to add that we've been thinking about this for a while

Replied to thread : [CW] Pluto_Guy Skidding

can't forget he's selling zayn's styles!!!

Replied to thread : Rate my new exploit ui is it better than previous one?

better improvement on than thr last one but still not good