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Help me buy a car



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I'm a older teenager who doesn't have to pay rent or any bills yet, and I'm wondering if I should spend my savings on an almost new car that costs $12,500 in six months or save up for 12 months to buy a brand new car. What things should I think about before making this decision? 

The almost new car is a 2017 Ford Fusion, owned by an elderly guy so he doesn't drive it much. It doesn't have 60k miles on it yet, and it's in exellent condition inside and out. The brand new car I would be purchasing next year would be the 2024 Kia K5.

I understand many of you may not know much about things of this topic, however the older users of this forum might. 

Almost forgot key information. I'm homeschooled, and don't have many friends. I want to hang out with my cousins and have a little freedom though. I play to play basketball for school next year and I live in walking distance of my current place of employment.

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I think me personally, I would save up for a brand new car (as long as it is better than the 2017 FF). I would do this just to know I have a reliable car that should be good for me for at least 12 years. However, it is entirely your choice. I understand the fact you want to hang out with cousins and make transportation reasonably easier. I would probably bike to places you can bike to and ask your parental figure for a ride to some places you can't get to so easily. 


Once agian this is your choice, I am just giving some insight for what I would do.



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Me personally I was planning to aquire a 2016 bmw. It I have a teacher that teaches auto locomotives and asked him the same question today ironically. He gave me a tier list.  
new cars: 

1) Lexus (luxury version of Toyota)

2) Toyota 

3) Mazda 


used cars:

1) Mazda

2) Toyota 

3) Honda 

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Factor this- If it's your first car, you'll likely want to trade after a couple years. Few people stick with their first decision for long.


A Ford and a Kia tho? Idk how times are now for thise brands. They may look nice, but reliability was a common problem. Give Honda or Toyota some looking too

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I would personally not get the 2017 Ford Fusion as it is old, lacks modern features, and the engine may not be as powerful. Instead, you should get a 2023 Rolls Royce Ghost. It has many modern features including exceptional materials, fit and finish, supreme comfort, and a twin turbo V12 engine.


On a more serious note, just go for something basic for now, like Jon said, you're going to be trading it in soon. There's also no need to get anything fancy, as you're just starting and learning how to drive

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To be honest. You should save your money to by a Tesla. I bought mine awhile back and like it. Save up for maybe a year or so.


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@mcdonaghethan But the amount of polution normal cars give off.

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@mcdonaghethan I suppose, and if your battery breaks you  have to pay like 30k for a new one. Since a teslas battery is buit up of smaller batterys.

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