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Replied to thread : Spam/Scam Account Mass Replies?

I think you're a little late, because this has been a thing for the past year

Commented to thread : rarest usename on WeAreDevs?

this one?

Replied to thread : [RATE] WEBSITE

It's a mess, there's buttons all over the place and little to no centering

Replied to thread : Why you should switch to Delta NOW

top ten reasons not to use delta:



Replied to thread : What features are people looking for in exploits noadays?

it works, it's easy to use, and it looks good without absolutely destroying frames

Commented to thread : guys i deleted system32 what i do nooo

someone take chatgpt away from this man !!!


Commented to thread : Good names for a male cat

name it gilbert

Replied to thread : Lux isn't dead and people overreacted on 1 discord message

this is the funniest clout chaser I've ever seen 

Replied to thread : WeAreDevs Record Of Rep

clout chasing twelve your olds got me like

Commented to thread : [CW] Sirweeb - Skidding, questionable code

Most factual thing I've ever heard in a WRD CW

Replied to thread : Good names for a male cat

Send a pic, I'll name it for you

Commented to thread : Personal preference On Lux (Death)

Ong I haven't been active enough to know this

Replied to thread : Our friend Lux14

He's gonna alt from the dead 😲

Replied to thread : Is the revert ban shlt real?

You're gonna have to be wayyy more specific than that