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Created a new thread: Global Chat Bot Ban

Due to recent issues with bots in Global Chat, the moderation team has decided to disallow all bots currently operating on global chat. All bots operating on global chat will be banned until further notice. 

Replied to thread: what are yall working on?

staying alive

Replied to thread: I am stepping up for president!

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Glad I could be your motivation lol


Not me finding another bug while writing this to you

Created a new thread: Notification Profile Picture Bug

Replied to thread: Verification Bug

were the avatars not always circles what

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The gamepasses are really cheap so idk 

Replied to thread: does anybody remember texas?

I think Texas still remains the second largest state in the US. I don't think that's changed.

Replied to thread: school is kinda bad

Replied to thread: Remove all caps from premium name

Yeah this has been suggested many times before

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im going back to my cave now goodbye

Replied to thread: Can someone please tell me what happened to Immune

I've lost multiple braincells reading this thread.

Replied to thread: [HELP] I need help, My computer's affected by a malware/miner.

Download this, and do a deep scan.


Alternatively, reset your computer

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The NSA is watching

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I tried this, yet every time I restart, the value disappeared: