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Mod is invite only. We are all aware of your existence and you still haven't gotten an invite. Respetfully, that is your answer. For now at least. If you really want mod, go the same route everyone else did. Gain the respect of the other mods and make a positive name for yourself here. Honestly, that would be a challenge considering there is already bias against you. You'd have to work a lot harder than others. I'm definitely paying attention to you though. Interested in seeing how you are over time. I'd love to have mods who positively interact with the community.


Anyway, getting a WRD branded Android release would be interesting. Email me and maybe we can discuss a proper deal. 


Replied to thread: Draggable chat

@atariXD Yeah that's planned. Should be quick to add, but fixing something else rn and still running on spare time cuz of weekend

Replied to thread: Draggable chat

Done! Thank you for the suggestion. Just drag while clicking on the chat header

Replied to thread: (please) Group Chats

Fun fact- DMs were actually live for one or two days before I added global chat. It was how I tested live chats. 

Honestly, group chats were not planned. I'd have to rewrite a bunch of stuff to make this happen efficiently, so big maybe on this feature. First I wanna make the current chat more stable and well featured, then I'll think more on it. It's the weekend now so I won't be doing as much.

Created a new thread: Chat Window (To be improved)

I've removed the old dedicated message pages. Messaging will now be done through the chat window visible from the bottom right of the screen. This is actively being worked on and updates are pushed as soon as I add/edit a feature. Often, unfinished and not fully tested. So bugs will be expected and I ask for your patience. Consider this a testers release.


Edit 1: I've just merged private messaging into the chat window. It is very much incomplete. Features from the old message system are expected to return. Totally new features will be added. 

*Persistent notification of new private chat


When it went live, I noticed it came with a bunch of bugs. I will come around them soon.

*Conversations sometimes not loading

*When viewing a private chat from a user, their newly sent chats in global chat will also be shown in private chat

Replied to thread: I am stepping up for president!

this forum is changing for the better

Replied to thread: I am stepping up for Moderator!

Practicing your politician skills? Jk. Anyway, mod is mostly invite or recommendation from the inside only.

Replied to thread: Bug - Profile Picture

Fixed it. Thank you!

Replied to thread: Global Chat Bug

1. _WRDSec is HTTP only and can't be grabbed from Javascript. There is no security concern in regards to accessing another account.

2. <script> tags are rejected, so you can't run scripts anyway.

3. The HTML only injects for yourself. It doesn't affect others viewing the chat.


So no security concern in general, but is definitely a bug. I've fixed it and thank you for the report!

Replied to thread: Notification Profile Picture Bug

R fixed. Thanks again lol. Might not load till the cache auto clears in an hour.

Replied to thread: Should I Make WPF Videos?

I'd watch them

Replied to thread: Notification Profile Picture Bug

Ngl, I knew about this for a while but I been too lazy. Finally fixed it because of your thread, thank you

Replied to thread: Verification Checkmark

Hmm so noticed v2. Might actually do this, but not now

Replied to thread: sort by reputation in user search

There is a link to reputation on your profile. Just click your actual reputation number. 


I've redirected the mentioned url pattern


Thank you for reporting the "Cannot GET /[UNKNOWN]" error. I've fixed it.

Replied to thread: Verification Bug

@Moon On threads, profiles, and rating page, it was just slightly rounded corners