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Replied to thread: explaining why hiro's thread is useless

 I would say his thread is reasonable.. When I released my first program, I had no idea I had to post an anyrun. As you could imagine, I did not read the rules, many others probably don't read rules. So I think him posting a little remind for newer WRD users is a great little reminder, not harming anyone, right?

Replied to thread: Opinions on a certain Topic

Hm... I do not really have an opinion. I believe that anyone can date the same gender. I think they can also change genders, I may not agree on the changing their gender part, as much as someone dating their own gender. Though, in all reality, it is their choice of who they want to date or do. I can not stop it, and there is no reason to be vulgar to anyone else for having a preference.

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] API For Creating Hastebin and Linkvertise Links

@AlternateD Thank you very much, your project was very neat and I wanted to create a API for it hoping you didn't mind :)

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] API For Creating Hastebin and Linkvertise Links

@Aja yea, sadly the linkvertise api isn't the best for this type of a situation. However, the hastebin works amazingly! I'm glad you found this project interesting :)

Created a new thread: [RELEASE] API For Creating Hastebin and Linkvertise Links

Hello, I was bored and needed a project idea, I created a API for creating Hastebin and Linkvertise links in PHP.


This was inspired from a post made by AlternateD.




Hopefully the documentation isn't confusing, I am not the best explainer, if you need another explanation just let me know and I'll try to help!


For the linkvertise part, I did get the main concept from this guy on github, here is the repo. It was made in javascript, I converted it over to PHP.


Though I do not recommend using the API for linkvertise if you are looking for security as bypassing it is really easy since it uses Base64 encryption.


The following is the source code of the project;

Replied to thread: how do i send info across 2 players using a script

go with websocket its more funny

Replied to thread: New Wrd Premium GIveaway! (Limited Entries)

idk what premium does but it seems pretty funny..

Replied to thread: What A Confusler.

@RealNickk Maybe I am not making myself clear, maybe you don't understand, or maybe you misread what I have said. I'm mainly going to stay on this certain topic about the "flashcarding" only once more as it is pointless for me to argue with you about it. Once again, he added me to a group chat and went on to screenshare proof of Pekka's hub IP logging its users. This is where he was showing me the script he got off of V3rmillion and it was wrapping hookfunction around HttpGet. Once he saw a link inside of the console, in roblox, he claimed it was a IP logger; keep in mind that this link was simply a github link being used for his key system. Now when I saw this, I told him it was not a IP logger where he then went to claim (along the lines, not exactly) "But this v3rm post is showing how to expose a IP logger, and it pops up in console, so it is a IP logger." So I then quizzed him on it and he did not know anything about it, I then tried to explain it to him.


What an amazing use of "albeit" though, I love your vocabulary Nickk, I wish my vocab was as good as yours.

Replied to thread: What A Confusler.

@Space Clearly not enough to be making an accusation against another hub for IP logging.

Replied to thread: What A Confusler.

@Space I flashcarded you once because you DO NOT understand Luau at all. You did add me to a group as I STATED, I did state you did that. I also explained your lack of knowledge for Lua, you have no reason to try and defend yourself at the situation I put you in right there. You can not claim such allegations, then I prove them wrong, and you continue lying.

Replied to thread: Thread to suggest global chat features

Resizable, draggable, maybe full screen in a little section even

Replied to thread: What A Confusler.

@RealNickk Yes, I do not agree with them flashcarding him as well as pestering him. Though he did reach out to me personally with accusations about Pekka's Hub having a IP logger hidden in the launcher. I then asked for proof and he sent the screenshot (which I assume you have seen) about the hidden channel. He and his friend (maybe his friend) then went on to screenshare to me their proof which was simply a githublink for their keysystem being logged through a hookfunction for HttpGet.


So the reason I asked him this was simply just to see if he understood what he was doing as he claimed that it only had caught IP logger since that is what a V3rmillion post had said.


Just adding some clearification here.


I also do not agree with some of the things Pekka has been doing, and I also dislike the fact he left out some critical background information and used me as an example for an arguement's sake.

Replied to thread: Holy Moly Guacamole!



yes :D


Replied to thread: What A Confusler.

@Space That editor was not mind, it was something called "carbon." It is a publically available website for making codeblocks, though the theme is called "Night Owl." If you want this theme, it is actually available on the visual studio store, I use this same theme for visual studio.