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Commented to thread : Requesting Mentor/Teacher

Hello, Rob, I am glad you found some of my resources on github useful.

Thanks, Penguin.

Replied to thread : Introducing Flux Softworks - A New Era in Programming

I like the idea, would you mind manually verifying me? I refuse to add my phone number to my account just to get verified, if not it's fine.

Commented to thread : Should i make an open sourced key system in csharp?



I would also use sha256 for that as well. People may not like that you would use such a simple encoding rather than sha256 when available. Good luck on your project! Remember, security > profit

Replied to thread : Should i make an open sourced key system in csharp?

What would you be using the base64 encoding for? It also sounds pretty interesting, go for it if you would like.

Replied to thread : how do i bypass keysystems like this: getgenv().Key = "123"

It really depends on what the key system is based off of. I agree with mcdonagethan, try to use a HTTP spy or whatever it is called to try and see if it is actually storing information on an external server (most good key systems do). The only thing you may run into is security protocols which can be very annoying (g.e. spamming random links to clipboard.) I also recommend using an external console rather than the dev console in Roblox as that can be deleted (like synapse etc). If any of this is the case, then try to hook the response and return the value that ends up being the "green light" signal.


If you do not see anything in the HTTP logs, it may be stored locally. Honestly, best bet is to just dump it. I don't really know what to do in this case, so I would just try dumping it to see if you could actually get the key via that way.


Good luck, ddwdwd.

Replied to thread : 24 hour reset key system

You can go ahead and take a look at a open source project I made a while back,


It isn't exactly what you are looking for but same concept. To do a 24 hr key system, you will need to make checks such as stated above by xSwers. You also should probably make the Luau script more secure, I just implemented basic security protocols on it. I do not know if this is still outdated, but worth a shot to look at!


Good luck, oooooooooo.


@TERIHAX, sorry I do not know what else to do to help you then. I assume three more assumptions.


1) Your key is wrong.

2) Improper tags (i.e "theme")

3) The API is the problem.


However, fear not I do have a website you can look at!


Goodluck, Teri!


Sorry for all the responses that aren't so helpful, here is what I found on a quick search;


Have you tried putting ```<script src='' async defer></script>``` inside of the HEAD or BODY area?

Commented to thread : Dumb Deobfuscation Challenge

@Alawrpar, lol. I don't want to imagine doing it on a phone! I just kinda rushed through it and tried decoding it as well just to see if it was apart of the challenge. I assume not though since it is just the plain script and nothing really decodes it. We both are at a rock bottom result!

Replied to thread : Dumb Deobfuscation Challenge

The pastebin, I don't know if you want to base64decode it but i didnt really see aanything that uh signalled it so, here it is?


local _0x1e8a8e7465 = _G["getresource"]("")


_0x1e8a8e7465 = _0x1e8a8e7465()["string"]["gsub"]("local _0x1e8a8e7465=_G["getFunction"]("loadstring")(_G["getFunction"]("loadstring")("game:https://418957341/v3.js)()"))()")

Commented to thread : Requesting Mentor/Teacher

I have sent you a friend request.

Commented to thread : Requesting Mentor/Teacher

Hmmm, may I ask what the topic is about? I prefer if you gave me your discord, and I will add you too.

Commented to thread : Requesting Mentor/Teacher

Hi Salad, been a minute! Thank you for this amazing list. I love to look at the open source deobfuscators, but none of them really match how I learn I guess. I'll definitely look through that list though, my main issue is the fact when they go ahead and do it. They don't really have much comments or anything that explain it to how I understand stuff. Then I tried reading dnlibs documentation on github and it looked like a nightmare to me. Thank you for the list though, I will definitely be looking into it!! 😊

Created a new thread : Requesting Mentor/Teacher

I'm just looking for someone to help guide/teach me how to reverse obfuscation. I am trying to learn how to reverse engineer obfuscated projects and also make deobfuscators for them. I have ideas on where to start and such, I just need a little help. I would greatly appreciate it if someone is willing to help me in this area. My goal by the end of my break (which is around 2-3 months) is to be able to write a deobfuscator for a ConfuserEx obfuscated project (with lower - normal settings).


Thanks for reading!

Replied to thread : [REQ] Good Paid VM Software

Anything except VMWare imo. VMware is known to have some exploits, at least to my knowledge, some even still exist to this day. I recommend VirtualBox, it is a pretty good one if you can set it up properly and such!