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Threw it together in WinForms, didnt make a key system because lazy, Enjoy


(yes i plug my discord everywhere lmao)

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Code bad


char length

Jon should change my name to vortex 


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yeah i code like garbage lmao


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uh ok so...


The outside  (that)

looked very promising. The white on black theme is weird and both of the logos are offplaces and not sized properly


The execute window:

Icons are way to big, text editor doesnt match, and once again black on white theme?! (0/10)


The Script Hub:

No text, just icons, kind of confusing. Black on white, there are very good ideas to go off.



Looks promising, but black and white theme :sob:


Overall: 4/10, but looks very promising.


trash c# dev


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this is still better than an average wrd rate my ui post

gj i guess

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exploits i want: nothing (i dont find paying for an exploit a must-do. also ill probably move onto my personal life soon)

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