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Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Orbit Executor

Ur dumb lmfao

Replied to thread: [RATE] Winforms UI.

3/10 I'm curious what the code for the scripthub looks like 

Replied to thread: WinForms: What is a good ui like?



heres one of mine it's decent but has flaws, when I have more time I want to design more

Replied to thread: wrd iceberg (made really fast)

This is funny

Replied to thread: Kronos - (Update v1.04) FREE! | No Key Sys | Huge Script Hub | Many Other Features Also

Lowkey the amount of threads is annoying 

Replied to thread: Flame Sploit

The layout looks backwards LOL but dude mature a little reading the thread alone I can tell you're 12

Replied to thread: Monaco/Ace editor tabs

@suffix, That's why there is a cool concept called learning :)

Replied to thread: Monaco/Ace editor tabs

They're not even worth the money to sell. They're so easy to code lol 

Replied to thread: Welp.... (NOTICE) Wine:RE

Anything related to Nexus42 or Wine no.

Replied to thread: are you a MUNCH?

This is actually funny

Replied to thread: Should i buy sirhurt?

As of previously using SirHurt I didn't care much for it but to each their own 

Replied to thread: [Open-Source ]New Comet Updating System

I'm scared to see what Comets UI source looks like

Replied to thread: $5 WRD API REMOVE WATER MARK

Its only shown for 5 seconds why bother wasting money to remove it dumb.

Replied to thread: Rate my windowsforms UI

Not the best but work on it more

Replied to thread: [Release] Kronos | Amazing UI | No Key Sys | Huge Script Hub | Many other features as well

Remember this from last year and it's still no bueno you should take time to work on it.