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Replied to thread : [CW] Swatting - Nezur Owner Lucas

Thats crazy bruv

Replied to thread : Roblox exploiting is over...

You're late bro 

Replied to thread : bruh why synapse

You're late bro

Commented to thread : Hydrogen Windows leaked? It's already bypassed Hyperion Anti - Tamper!

@Rexi Okay and? Real ui or not still looks like fluxus

Replied to thread : help out me plis



content length

Replied to thread : [CW] Reversed | Rogue Exit Scam | Helping Byfron Devs

if this is the truth the fact he stole 6k is honestly impressive asf

Replied to thread : the literal peak.

Peak my balls in yo mouth 

Replied to thread : [Release] KAPI | Free Keyless Working Exploit API

Nitro can't release anything on WRD anymore lol

Replied to thread : Classic Showerhead being money hungry

Blud.... Shower ALONE not including Zesty or anyone else on the dev team prolly made double what your parents made last year. Instead of acting childish, perhaps report the problem to ShowerHead in a civil manner? No need to make it a big deal.

Replied to thread : Smooth Drag [WinForms]

"Smooth drag" lmfao

Replied to thread : Oxygen Virus?

Yes those are all false positives.... Unless you downloaded it from the wrong site.

Replied to thread : Reputation.

I take away your internet points