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Replied to thread : [RATE] Rate my unfinished executor

Very nice 8/10.

Replied to thread : Owl hub arsenal

@67078yeah but who tf wanna waste time looking for a owner, second what if they are here on wrd web and they want owl hub they can find it here by this and not having to go on a web.

Created a new thread : Owl hub arsenal


not made by me idk who made it

Created a new thread : Windows anti virus.

I need help, how do i perm disable my anti virus. its so annoying having to turn it off. i boot up my pc and real time is on, help me turn it off perm.

Replied to thread : Simple anti afk script.

Not made by me, credits to who made this script.

Replied to thread : Brookhaven Candy Auto Farm

@_realnickk This is not my code.

Created a new thread : Brookhaven Candy Auto Farm

-Advanced -Easy-To-Use -Useful -None-Gui -Open-Source -Auto Detect (easy-medium-hard-extreme) hunt --- -- -- -- -- - - --- -- usage: --just take a hunt quest then run it it will stop anyway when the quest is over. readme: --If there is a error, if you have any suggestions, you can write


--just take a hunt quest then run it it will stop anyway when the quest is over.

getgenv().candyautofarm = true  --Make False this for stop toggle

local Easter = "Terrain3Camera!" or "Terrain2Camera!"

while getgenv().candyautofarm do wait()
for _,v in pairs(game:GetService("Workspace")[Easter]:GetDescendants()) do
if v:IsA("TouchTransmitter") then
firetouchinterest(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart, v.Parent, 0) --0 is touch
firetouchinterest(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart, v.Parent, 1) -- 1 is untouch

Created a new thread : Simple anti afk script.

Simple anti afk script for roblox. 

ca.Font=Enum.Font.SourceSansSemibold;ca.Text="Anti Afk Kick Script",1,1)
ca.TextSize=22;da.Parent=ca,0.196078,0.196078),0,1.0192306,0),304,0,107)_b.Parent=da,0.176471,0.176471),0,0.800455689,0),304,0,21)_b.Font=Enum.Font.Arial;_b.Text="Made By:Ur MOM",1,1)_b.TextSize=20;ab.Parent=da,0.176471,0.176471),0,0.158377379,0),304,0,44)ab.Font=Enum.Font.ArialBold;ab.Text="Status: Script Started",1,1)ab.TextSize=20;local bb=game:service'VirtualUser'
ab.Text="You went idle and ROBLOX tried to kick you but we reflected it!"wait(2)ab.Text="Script Re-Enabled"end)

Replied to thread : roblox byfron problem

for some people they dont like the new anti cheat i dont but eh..

Replied to thread : [REL] Version Scanner

Vouch good job.

Replied to thread : JJSPLOIT help

JJ is not the best executor to use out there its keyless tho. i just hate the bugs it has.


Replied to thread : Roblox Fatal Error...

i dont know a fix for this but i also had this error for jj. 








Replied to thread : [SCRIPT RELEASE] Prison Life get all guns and steal all items

nice code, but if you dont have the swat gamepass and someone dies with it do you get it ? never mind now that i look at the code closely i see

"local tigger = {

    "Remington 870",