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Replied to thread : Dumb Deobfuscation Challenge

im assuming that hooking loadstring will give you the deobfuscated script on a silver platter

Replied to thread : How do i check if a beams color is 0 1 0.333343 0 0 1 1 0.333333 0 0 ?

That's not quite how this works, but you're close.


When you're dealing with Color3 objects, you can't compare them directly to a string or a set of numbers. Color3 objects have their own format and rules.


To create a Color3 object, you can use the function. The thing is, Color3 values are usually represented as numbers ranging from 0 to 1. If you have an RGB color code, you can divide each component (red, green, and blue) by 255 to get the fraction you need to put into For example if you have a bright green color with RGB (0, 255, 127), your Color3 value will be (0, 1, 0.498...), but that's pretty ugly.


Luckily, we have an amazing auxiliary function called Color3.fromRGB. It takes in an RGB color directly, without the need for any calculations, to your convinience. You can feed RGB into it and it'll return a Color3 object. You can get the color from an explorer like Dex, because I don't really know what you're doing, but your comparison should look like this if you're comparing the color of 'v' to exactly the bright orange color (127, 255, 0), as an example:

if v.Color == Color3.fromRGB(255, 127, 0) then
    -- color is equal to (255, 127, 0)

Commented to thread : How tOmaKe priNt s ploit iN rUst

@Alawrpar I completely agree with your statement. Rust is less known and it can require more effort to do certain things in it depending on the user's experience with it.

Commented to thread : How tOmaKe priNt s ploit iN rUst

@Alawrpar Maybe the majority of people just didn't prefer Rust for something like this, which I can understand.

Replied to thread : How tOmaKe priNt s ploit iN rUst

Oh no someone actually tried it.

Good resource and proof of concept :smil:

Replied to thread : How to download roblox(microsoft store version)?

download it from the microsoft store

Replied to thread : [REQ] IDA Pro. Download Links

I sent an onion link but it's probably not appropriate on this forum. I'll send you one in private.

Replied to thread : Need help with learning how to make a Roblox dll!

I don't think there's a real tutorial for making a true Roblox exploit from scratch without piggybacking off an API since Roblox exploiting is esoteric and methods aren't often shared. You'll want to know how low level programming and reverse engineering works before you proceed.


The following are some freely available sources that you can research though, although some of these are obsolete due to security changes Roblox has introduced. Many of these exploit sources use different execution methods.


Headhunter -

TaaprWareV3 -

Rbxfpsunlocker (Can provide some information about how the task scheduler works) -

Hyperion (Ironic because Roblox has an anti-tamper called Hyperion but this was a leaked source) -

Axon (one of the older exploits, lots of stuff here is outdated) -

2019 Synapse X source leak (very outdated, no you can't use this to get free synapse) -[blacklisted phrase]


There are pretty much entire source leaks of old Roblox 2016 clients which can help but I'm not going to share that because it's likely illegal to study that proprietary code for your advantage. It's your choice but you'll have to find it if you want to use that, and remember that the codebase for the client is insanely huge, so it might not even be helpful to you. I'd go down the route of reverse engineering the game's binaries instead of the sources.


Also, Louka, a developer of Synapse X, shared some documentation of how some script execution methods are achieved, but some may be outdated:


Luau, Roblox's Lua runtime, is open-sourced and can be used for exploit research. Keep note that Roblox likes to obfuscate some pointers and they regularly shuffle some structures:


There are also some people who are willing to aid you in development of Roblox exploits, so you may be able to get some assistance.

Commented to thread : What are your stress relievers?

vouch content length

Commented to thread : What are your stress relievers?

That gives me headaches and more stress. Fixing a tricky bug from 3 days ago made my face break out in pimples 😭

Replied to thread : What are your stress relievers?



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Replied to thread : Why you should switch to Delta NOW

Why you should not switch to delta: 
There's no reason. Do it.

Commented to thread : What features are people looking for in exploits noadays?

@TERIHAX I know that Microsoft's Monaco supports language servers but I'm not sure about AvalonEdit.

Commented to thread : What features are people looking for in exploits noadays?

@TERIHAX Roblox LSP is a Luau language server that has some support for the Roblox API.

Replied to thread : What features are people looking for in exploits noadays?


1. script repositories

2. integrations (i.e: github)

3. good intellisense (run a language server like roblox lsp)

4. exploit stability

5. good user experience