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Replied to thread: Note for the Moderators

@Rexi I was cooler because I had a strong bias and I was way more toxic. I simply grew up.

Replied to thread: explaining why hiro's thread is useless

This is another example of your overinflated self-centeredness. Can't find something to not complain about even if it's not even a big deal. If at all, you're post farming because this has no value. I can tell you that #rexiformod2023 will go nowhere if you keep doing this 😔

Replied to thread: Note for the Moderators

@Rexi I am independent now and I only work with one individual. Reversal skills are good enough that I don't need mentoring.

Replied to thread: Note for the Moderators

@Rexi Fr though if at all John should add support for bots with less ratelimiting or ratelimiting per response to message.

Replied to thread: Advice for my friend

@Ylimieaaa (To your response to CubeFaces)

These people are just p.orn addict v!rgins who try to get a taste of dominance by getting ahold of n.udes. They will try to shame the girl into doing it or persuade them. If they say they won't share them, they will. They will most definitely leak them to their GC full of losers. A lot of these people are child predators too, which is absolutely disgusting. If anyone tries to get anyone to do that, let them know that they should not do it. It's better to block someone than to give the true meaning and beauty of your body away to some p.orn addicts.


I get that people struggle with p.orn, because I have and I've gotten past it (was tough), but I won't help a predator.

Replied to thread: Advice for my friend

All my romantic relationships failed. I pretty much avoid relationships because I don't see the value in it at my time in life (I'm 16 years old). Maybe later, but right now it's too much of a liability (think about drama) and a time-takeup that I couldn't bother jumping into it unless I knew for sure that was the girl I would spend my life with. Anyways, how my relationships started, I would just be friends with the person and I'd get somewhere if the person had interest in me.

Replied to thread: Opinions on a certain Topic

I don't agree with it but I know better than to make people not adopt it because nobody will change their minds, instead they'll get their entire "friend group" that engages in the same thing to bring you down. I will not call someone by their pronouns if their biological s e x is male or female, and there's no true way to change your s e x. It's pretty simple, if you have a Y chromosome, you're a guy. It doesn't matter if you have two X's or two Y's, you'll always be a male individual if you have a Y chromosome. Although I disagree with a lot of these things, I will still respect the person but I will not call them by their pronouns. If they're offended, I'll call them by their name, but I don't go farther than that.

Replied to thread: [RATE] Minimalistic Blog Design

@JumpingJerboa In this demo I used JetBrains Mono for the title and Lato for everything else.

Replied to thread: what are yall working on?

ImGui internal UI in Roblox. Can't show picture because im in bed.

Replied to thread: [Buying] Custom Executor DLL

I wouldn't recommend uploading your binaries to GitHub branches because the branches are designed for code storage, and you'd use something like a CI tool to compile that code and deploy it as a release. Dropping the binaries in a release is fine. I'd use Git tags + GitHub API to determine versions, because it'd be better integrated (or integrated how it's supposed to be). Just wanted to tell you that.


Anyways, good luck with your scavenge for a DLL developer. I hope your exploit goes well.

Replied to thread: Are you a feminist or not

@JJSploit_On_Top Men are stronger than women with determination. Everything is possible with determination, and women are stronger than men with determination. Although men have the genetic ability to build muscle and muscle strength easier, if they don't try they won't get anywhere. They do have more muscle mass, but they're not necessarily stronger.

Replied to thread: [Final Design] - Final Book Cover Design.

I tried making my own book cover for something like this and I think I like the simplicity of mine better. Good luck with your book though.

Replied to thread: what executor is this?

@JJSploit_On_Top oh i didn't read the post lol

Replied to thread: what executor is this?

lmao thats just a script logger's output

Replied to thread: Introducing test_bot2

I will make bot that is trained off complaining kids and will respond with actually helpful messages.