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Replied to thread : [ NITRO ] CLAIM NOW

@Cyros No it isn't.

Replied to thread : weekly/monthly WRD meme competition?

Created a new thread : [ NITRO ] CLAIM NOW

Click this to get the nitro link. I'll post another next week. With this one, you can only redeem it if you've never had nitro before

Replied to thread : [LOOKING FOR] Web Developer

@VoidableMethod Does either of them have SSH Access?

Replied to thread : WeAreDevs++ | Live on Firefox!

Very excited to have it on the Google Web Store so I can use it.

Replied to thread : is BetterDiscord safe to use?

@e0gg Ah, yes. Discord light mode. Before I used it I had 0 friends, when I switched I was popular. Way better than BetterDiscord and PowerCord

Replied to thread : wtf happend to the fourm

The forum got a massive revamp, Ducxy made a new extension called WeAreDevs++, Nihon got on WeAreDevs. All I know.

Created a new thread : KKK's Website It would be wrong if anyone did anything to this website

Replied to thread : Logout Button - Bug

@Moon Yeah, I deleted my reply due to my idea most likely being incorrect.

Replied to thread : [sneak peek] betterwrd — v3.0

This looks awesome, and no problem for the rep!

Replied to thread : [Rel] Delta V3 | Custom DLL, Multi API , Much More...

Please link your new server.

Created a new thread : [LOOKING FOR] Web Developer

I'm looking for a web developer who has the skill to work on a project with me. I already have basic plans for the project and I'll handle most of the support structures, including the management such as host and domain. Reply with your Discord name and tag and we can talk further.

Replied to thread : [WeAreDevs Bug]: The user name shown of person who wrote the thread is wrong.

I'm sure this isn't a bug. The time stamps are different. It displays the last user to reply to the thread.

Created a new thread : How can I use Segoe Fluent Icons?

My question is in the thread title, I've googled it and I've had no results.