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I got a genius idea 😱

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What if we took the cheats from other games that used hypron and added to our stuff/remake it to see how they bypassed it 

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This is a actual question 

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someone give this man an Oscar 

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Wont work

The other games used a very inferior version of Hyperion


Roblox's Hyperion is the newest and most advanced once

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Yes, because we just add our stuff on top, simple as that.

Any cheat worth its salt is generally closed source, and I doubt the devs would be willing to give out code that is making them money in some way.

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I'm pretty sure all we need to do is convert the injectors from a 32 bit ones to 64 bit ones

I'm sure of this because i use Delta alot and the error is a 32 bit process cannot access the modulus of a 64 bit process

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