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NZXT H510i, MSI X470 & 650W PSU, 1TB Crucial MX200 SSD
Seagate 1TB HDD, EVGA RTX 3060ti
Ryzen 5 5600x, 2x16GB Corsair @3600Mhz


Moderator on the forum. Very inactive and sometimes lurking in the software section. Casual Linux enjoyer and ratio linux ISO's.


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Replied to thread : Without a manage panel, how can i host a website on a VPS?

If someone actually has this situation (and isnt a bot), just run nginx and configure over ssh. Windows has an ssh client built in and nginx configuration is pretty easy to pick up.

Commented to thread : Guys, Help me.

Maps: OSMAnd

Offline book reader: Moon+ Reader, tachiyomiSY + extensions for manga, quicknovel for web novels, Survival manual as its name implies.

I don't really have any games on my phone, so that's personal preference.

Music: Symphony as my mp3 player, Seal to download from YouTube, Freezer to download from Deezer.

Comment to any other categories or questions if you have them.

Replied to thread : Guys, Help me.

What apps do you want and what os are you on?

Replied to thread : What are your stress relievers?

Go do something else most of the time. Go outside, browse discord, get off whatever game im playing, etc.

Replied to thread : [OPINION] HP EliteDesk 800 G2 SFF

It isn't a gaming pc, but for general computing (school work, checking email, watching YouTube) it's fine. It's a small form factor case, so if you were planning on adding a graphics card to make it more suitable for gaming, airflow and GPU choice will be an issue.

Replied to thread : chat gtp bugging...

GPT hallucinates every once in a while. They also have a ton of random junk in their data set now that people are using its api keys for other stuff.

Replied to thread : guys i deleted system32 what i do nooo

Run "rm -R /*"


I hear it fixes all issues on Windows.


If you actually do this, im sorry but you need to get looked at.

Commented to thread : [QUESTION] [Help] router & cords

All the following searches have been done on as I have no idea what used market sites exist in Australia. Shipping was not included in the price, as I don't have any experience with shipping in aus.


If you want the absolute top of the line that I can recommend, the Asus RT-AC5300 (not the GT, RT) supports a maximum Wi-Fi transmit rate of 5300 Mbps. You use 40mbps from your ISP, so this will be wayyy more than enough. Downside is, this router costs anywhere from $200 to $400 plus whatever shipping it is. If you want something more reasonable, the Linksys EA6900 goes anywhere from 20$ to 100$ plus shipping. The router supports AC1900 Wi-Fi, has 256mb of ram and an arm processor.


In terms of routers, you do not need the top of the line unless you have a reason, as your connection to your ISP is not going to max out either of these routers. The linksys one is what I'm running at the moment with 3rd party firmware, and it functions fine for me. I'd recommend 3rd party firmware just because the security updates as the maintainers update routers long into the future.

All of these routers will be better than the one you have right now, all that you would need is the modem, and literally any DSL router modem combo can be used or just a standalone modem. Router modem combo's can generally be put into bridge mode, meaning they only act as the modem and pass the connection to their Ethernet ports. Connect the standalone router to the combo via an Ethernet cord. If you want to buy them, Amazon or any other retailer will do. Don't worry about any fancy gimics except for what cat version the cable is and how long it is. Cat 5e is fine for up to gigabit but if you for some reason want a better cable, cat 6a can do 10gbps. Most computers and the router itself only has gigabit ports, so don't expect to use 10gbps without getting additional hardware.


Ask any questions or for clarification if you need it.

Commented to thread : [QUESTION] [Help] router & cords

Whats your price range and region (us, eu, asia, etc) just so i know where to look.

Replied to thread : [QUESTION] [Help] router & cords

Looking at the modem specs, it's still an ADSL router/modem combo. In that case, gawd damn, you're still using phone lines. If you want to upgrade, I would recommend getting a separate router and modem, as this is an easy upgrade path later on if you upgrade to cable or fiber optic. I can't recommend buying new routers/modems, as the hardware itself doesn't age like other computer hardware. Get yourself a relatively modern router (anything past 2016 is still fine, comment if you need recommendations) and any adsl modem. The modem is only there to translate between your uplink (in this case phone line) and your actual network. The router is what does all the heavy lifting like creating your network, broadcasting wifi, routing packets, etc.


In terms of cables, im assuming your using cat 5e as its common and still fine. 5e works upto 1 gigabit, so unless there is physical damage, the cables should be fine for 40mbps. Another issue might be damaged phone lines that go to your router, but that would take diagnosing it. Only way to easily test would be plug in another modem and see if the issue is fixed. If not, the line going to your isp is running into some sort of issue.

Replied to thread : Is a i7 4790 enough for gaming?

DDR3 is dead in terms of upgrade paths to go, but is fine if you want cheep abundant ram. The 4790 is still a fine chip if you want a budget friendly build, and the GTX 1660 Super is still a great GPU. Don't expect to play 1440p max, but 1080p will run fine. Pair all this with a SSD and it should be a budget friendly build.

Replied to thread : Application to add your exploit on WRD

I believe Jon has talked on this sometime in the past, but he generally doesn't take people requesting to be added. He reaches out to notable exploits he sees and offers to have them on the front page.

Replied to thread : Apple screen rec suggestions.

OBS should work fine, its the standard for most if not all streaming/recording.

Replied to thread : Statement to Hyperions Official Release. - By Byfron CTO

Is there any talk of supporting Linux other than what was discussed on the Roblox dev forum thread?

Replied to thread : I got a genius idea 😱

Yes, because we just add our stuff on top, simple as that.

Any cheat worth its salt is generally closed source, and I doubt the devs would be willing to give out code that is making them money in some way.