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I'm not lazy, I'm just highly motivated to do nothing. #I💚Dogs.


Front-End Developer, UX/UI Student, Luau Scripter, Lofi, Rock & Jazz Lover, Aspiring to be Software Engineer and Designer @ Daku Developer.


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Replied to thread : 100$ for a Roblox script

He really needs money

Commented to thread : byfron on uwp lololol

That's so true!!! Time to play Prison Life as like 2016. Without drama, without exploiting, Just play a lego game in peace.

Replied to thread : what will happen to wearedevs forum?

Bots will invade the forum, The forum will die if free exploits get removed from the market (JJ). I think exploiters will pay or touch grass. I think the last one is cheaper.

Replied to thread : i want a refud for my robix scirpt exeploit!!!!!!!

Just Inaceptable! ####$#%%$ !! 

Replied to thread : Trying to steal an old game

I love your honesty.

Replied to thread : Rate this UI

Web-based interfaces are not easy, but they are not that difficult either, in fact in some aspects their development is much easier. The UI is not the most decent, however this project is interesting.  It would be nice to see it released to the public.


Just improve the editor please

Commented to thread : [RELEASE] Artic X KEYLESS V1.0.1B | Custom Electron DLL | Scriptblox Hub | Regular Updates & More!

Well, @ToiletTub.  It's right.

 It's mandatory show proofs of the exploit's security that is published, so that it is allowed to be displayed in the forum. either direct link or not.


Replied to thread : Orbit | Roblox's Best Scripting IDE

It's too funny to see how everyone argues for a few thousandths of difference

Replied to thread : [Counter-CW] EnchantedNexus [Leaking a 11 year olds face, Toxic, Immature]

Replied to thread : FluidUI - A UI Kit for Roblox

This is a lot like NextUI; Interesting.. Big Vouch. NextUi on top 🚀

Replied to thread : Rate my very cool UI

My eyes cant see this.. This is unique,awesome. 100/10

Replied to thread : It’s not us saying goodbye this time

Forum is not dying, its the exploiting indeed.

Replied to thread : Codex ~ The #1 Android Executor

The best marketing strategy, Vouch!