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[RATE] User Interface

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Hello, i know this a quite common type of thread and maybe it can be a little bit "annoying" but don't worry it won't be something bad as you imagine, please, do suggestions, constructive criticism, etc.

The user interface:

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<@uid:87922> Oh, i didn't see that, thanks for noticing

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AYO, goodass interface frfr


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Frankly, the second photo is better. However, I'm sure the UI needs a bit of tweaking. One of them is to make the zoom out and close icons bigger. The other is to move the icon to the left so that it is flush with the search box, and yes this UI is good.




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woah thats good, but the icons are tiny

9.9/10 cause of the icons

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i will put you trough chinese water torture

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make the button icons bigger and the text editor text should be a bit bigger

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