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Replied to thread : [MAJOR UPDATE] Hydrogen

Its so cool that i can feel it coming inside me.

Commented to thread : Cool Executor Names?

yes /charsssssss

Replied to thread : Cool Executor Names?

Alberto Fernandez 

Replied to thread : :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

@boyke i don't know i just know we're gon to do the illegal way because my father and mom got their VISA rejected 

Created a new thread : :skull: :skull: :skull: :skull:

Why the hell i need to have a certificate that certificates me that i studied english when i already know english(Im going to live in the USA), now i have to study english 1 year to go to USA :cry:


P.D : Not active for a while uwu

Replied to thread : # ANTI D RIDING FAMOUS PEPOLE

Bro spitting real facts

Replied to thread : [Suggestions] Constructive Criticism Needed - Book Cover

1. Too much elements
2. Too long title
3. Colors don't fit
Ngl this needs a lot of improvement

Replied to thread : Should I make a siggy for the "#rexiformod" thingy?

I have too many questions :

Are you from nicaragua?

If you're from nicaragua, are you black????

Replied to thread : [CW] WeAreDevs Bot | Threatening to overthrow the human race

Oh my god, WeAreDevs Bot has now reached a new level of intelligence

Replied to thread : Russia VS Ukraine

"There are no winners of war, only survivors"
- Jake Fulton.

Replied to thread : rep appeal (mods)

@Sxnxster I don't know, but, also it's suspicious you just joined WRD and you posted a thread offering UI Designs in Windows Forms, thing that Emiray used to do, also, you're using BetterWRD when you just joined here, also you recall "Emiray skidding your uis", you have a way of proving it?

Replied to thread : rep appeal (mods)

@Sxnxster I don't really like arguing but, like you acting inmature, smells a little sus also you can't only say "iI'm not Emiray" you have to prove it.