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Created a new thread : since this forums is sh*t dead, im simplydev

what the title say.

im no answering any question, i do cheap UI/UX for other sh*t, no more roblox, contact: tukcherofav.yyy

OwO, thank u for everything wearedevs, rest in peace.

Replied to thread : [Apology] No land for Ishanjit.

kinda late dont you think

Created a new thread : forum zzzzz

zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz gotta revive the forum zzzzzzzzzzz

Created a new thread : dead forum zzzzzzz


Commented to thread : WHAT THE FVCK SYNAPSE?

@boyke is deleted now xd

Replied to thread : rate kitten :D

i ate a cat /charsss

Commented to thread : Delta Windows Announcement - 5th October 2023

im broke can i give you my lung????¿¿¡¡¡¿¿¿

Replied to thread : how do I make tabs?

You don't, its a demon thing to use tabs, they are made by satan himself, all the classes you use for tabs, are made on the hell, they are bad for you please don't use tabs

Replied to thread : Delta Windows Announcement - 5th October 2023


Replied to thread : Serene Client


Replied to thread : THE new era of your garbage forum

That's why you don't give internet to a 12 years old kid

Created a new thread : [Balls]Dead forum

Dead forumDead forumDead forumDead forum

Replied to thread : Exploits Discontinued Tracker (kill byfron)

Finally, i can play prison life without being killed every one f second