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Replied to thread : how do i bypass keysystems like this: getgenv().Key = "123"

for i, v in pairs(getgenv()) do
    if i == "key" or i == "Key" then
        getgenv()[i] = v


Replied to thread : Funny WRD XSS Vulnerability

just some small atomic sized troll moment

Replied to thread : the situation.

this is why v3rm exists 

Replied to thread : Made a Library of Scripts (I'm Bored & Have Nothing Better to Do)

me when you skidded a ui and got neg repped

Replied to thread : [Leak] Introducing Neumorphism UX

yall getting silly with these names lmao

Replied to thread : how much you'll rate urself at LUA ??



ok but fr ive gotten really good

Replied to thread : [Release] Delta Android - #1 Free Executor for Android

bro is still using owl hub for an exploit showcase

Replied to thread : Screw this furry shet, I only wanna be happy

i declare your problem a skill issue

Replied to thread : what happen to shadowsploit?

@Pluto_Guy shadowsploit vs jjsploit in like 2019 i think 💀💀💀💀


Replied to thread : I got scammed by Maya_IsTheName#5616

@Rsploits laxion makes the hottest uis

Replied to thread : Nihon 3.0 A Quick Introduction

add error checking and boom big sploit

Replied to thread : [REQUEST] Voice Chat Account?

@RealNickk "if it works, it works"

Replied to thread : [Counter CW] Defending Myself from the Allegations

sina wouldnt do this dont blame my boy