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your average lua scripter, some experience in c++, c#, python and html


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Replied to thread: Roblox game Combat warriors new anti cheat

@Whoman he doesnt mention an instant close tho..

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Counter Blox "Godmode"

@Pekka If you mean the script in the video, im using the Sirius ESP Library.


You can use my settings here:

local espLib = loadstring(game:HttpGet((''),true))()

espLib.options.healthText = false
espLib.options.fontSize = 11
espLib.options.boxes = false
espLib.options.chamsOutlineTransparency = 0
espLib.options.chamsFillTransparency = 1
espLib.options.chamsOutlineColor =, 0, 255)
espLib.options.outOfViewArrows = false



Created a new thread: [RELEASE] Counter Blox "Godmode"

wow this is so good oh my gawd..


(this makes you invisible basically)



while task.wait(2.5) do
game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character.HumanoidRootPart.Parent = nil

for i,v in pairs(getnilinstances()) do 
   if v.Name == "HumanoidRootPart" then 
       v.Parent = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character 


video of it in action:


how to use it:

1. join a team

2. make sure youre loaded/spawned in

3. execute the script


game links:


Replied to thread: Roblox game Combat warriors new anti cheat


It isnt, and there is multiple ways to crash the game if you search for it.

Created a new thread: [source] discord webhook "pinger"

another bad html release.


source code:

  <textarea id="message" rows="4" cols="50"></textarea>
  <button type="button" onclick="pingWebhook()">Ping Webhook</button>

  function pingWebhook() {
    const message = document.getElementById("message").value;
    fetch("webhooklinkhere", {
      method: "POST",
      headers: { "Content-Type": "application/json" },
      body: JSON.stringify({ content: message })


you can use it online here: (this one uses embeds instead of messages)

Replied to thread: Ultimate Hub (V2)


theres nothing wrong with the code or anything, its just that its pretty useless..

Created a new thread: [source] simple password generator in html & javascript

Lmao, im in the wave.


Source code:

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <title>Password Generator</title>
  <h1>Password Generator</h1>
  <button onclick="generatePassword()">Generate Password</button>
  <p id="password"></p>

    function generatePassword() {
      const length = 8;

      const characters = "ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz0123456789!@#$%";
      const specialCharacters = "!@#$%";

      let password = "";

      for (let i = 0; i < length; i++) {
        password += characters.charAt(Math.floor(Math.random() * characters.length));

      let includesSpecial = false;
      for (let i = 0; i < specialCharacters.length; i++) {
        if (password.includes(specialCharacters.charAt(i))) {
          includesSpecial = true;

      if (!includesSpecial) {
        password = password.substring(0, password.length - 1) + specialCharacters.charAt(Math.floor(Math.random() * specialCharacters.length));

      document.getElementById("password").textContent = password;


Replied to thread: {SERVICE} Free discord server banners, icons, profile banners, and a free siggy

are you the only one working on this? if yes, then this is pretty impressive.

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Notoriety Auto-Win


JJSploit doesnt support the queue_on_teleport function.


Here are some good exploits that support the function:

KRNL (Free), Synapse X and Script-Ware.


Created a new thread: [RELEASE] Notoriety Titles without unlocking the badges


-- Ignore this.
local titles = {
	["Master Thief I"] = "1",
	["Master Thief II"] = "2",
	["Master Thief III"] = "3",
	["Master Thief IV"] = "4",
	["Master Thief V"] = "5",
	["Master Thief VI"] = "6",
	["True Criminal"] = "7",
	["Ninja"] = "8",
	["Entrepreneur"] = "9",
	["CEO"] = "11",
	["Mastermind"] = "12",
	["Elite"] = "13",
	["Shadow Warrior"] = "14",
	["Spooky"] = "15",
	["Santa"] = "16",
	["Fighter"] = "17",
	["Killer"] = "18",
	["Annihilator"] = "20",
	["Monster"] = "21",
	["Infected"] = "22",
	["Perfectionist"] = "23",
	["Trick or Treater"] = "24",
	["Premium"] = "25",
	["Cheater"] = "26", -- Once you put the cheater tag, youll have to rejoin to remove it.
	["Sus"] = "27",
	-- 28 Is supposed to be the tester tag but brick_man fxcked it up so 30 is the tester tag (30 is supposed to be Developer tag.)
	["Tester"] = "30",
	["Contributor"] = "29",
	["Developer"] = "30", -- This one is undefined in-game so you get the tester tag instead.
	["Virtuoso"] = "31"



This is something i wanted to keep private so i can flex Tester title lmao..


game link:!

Replied to thread: {RELEASE} Orbit UI Library (OPEN SOURCE)

this isnt good work to be honest, i dont think anyone will use this ui library since it doesnt have toggles.

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Notoriety Auto-Win

@intristic_roast I agree with you so much

Created a new thread: [RELEASE] Notoriety Auto-Win

You must have the shadow raid nightmare contract to make it work!! (if you dont youll have to manually execute the shadow raid heist script while in game!)


You can find the source and information on the github page:


Script here:

-- Current heists: Shadow Raid only
shared.Heist = "Shadow Raid"


How do i use this:
1. Make sure you are in the lobby, not in-game.

2. Execute the script.

3. boom, youre done. (dont click anything, it will do everything for you.)

Game link:

Replied to thread: [RELEASE] Creator "Perks"

@eb_ Thats right.

Created a new thread: [RELEASE] Creator "Perks"

local LocalPlayer = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local TeleportService = game:GetService("TeleportService")

queue_on_teleport([[game.Players.LocalPlayer.UserId = game.CreatorId]])
TeleportService:Teleport(game.PlaceId, LocalPlayer)


Small script I made because its useful for me. For the noobs, just so you know this doesnt work on every game. (If the creator of the game is stupid or unexperienced then itll work)