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Replied to thread: Beginning my road with C++ and Reverse Engineering

@atariXD, I swear bro I don't want to but  https://youtube.com/watch?v=kQcIV5389Ps&si=EnSIkaIECMiOmarE

Replied to thread: downloading an auto clicker

You could use this as an alternative: https://sourceforge.net/projects/orphamielautoclicker/


@RealNickk, https://imgur.com/PQzBexm


Replied to thread: [Open Source] Fully Made Tab System

@RiceUsesArchBtw, Could you explain? wdym by using one instance for mutiple tabs? Is that really possible?

Replied to thread: what exploit api allows custom lua functions

getgenv().totallycustomluafunction = function()


None and probably not possible, except if they exposed their Lua C apis. I dunno.

Created a new thread: [BUG] Users were allowed to use the same email address for two (or more accounts?)

As the title said once again again, is this a feature or a bug? It's also doesn't get detected on possible alts.

Replied to thread: Should I release an Open-Source Tab System

If you want to contribute then contribute. It's up to you

Replied to thread: I need Help with parex webviewapi

@suffix, I already told you smh, use the GetText method from WebView2API class. 


If you can't even solve this stupid problem, I recommend learning C# so it'll makes sense.

Replied to thread: Code block bugs and Rogue Hub on scripts page

import random
import string

def generate_password(length=12):
    characters = string.ascii_letters + string.digits + string.punctuation
    password = ''.join(random.choice(characters) for i in range(length))
    return password


Just tried it, works fine for other code blocks like C#, Lua, etc. I think only Python that are broken?

Replied to thread: Opinions on Tiny11?

I heard you have to do anything yourself I mean like installing wifi drivers things like that. 

Also it's missing a lot of core Windows components I doubt it will run applications well.

I don't know about the UAC, Firewall and Security though. 


I think it's the best to just install original windows and then debloat it using scripts from gihub like sophia or whatever.

Replied to thread: [HELP] Parent panel doesn't resize when child panel resizes even though autosize is turned on

@marcus__, Does winforms has like control parent & child concept like WPF? You could try to set the Dock property of guna2Panel2 to Fill.

Replied to thread: I need Help with parex webviewapi

I don't know why you deleted that thread earlier lol.


Parex already provided the GetText function wrapper from the WebView2API class so use it smh.

Replied to thread: Essay on why test_bot2 should come back

Absolutely no, This "Bot" thing on wrd doesn't fit at all, just let it be.

Replied to thread: [rate] rate my ui/animations

Main colors don't match with the gradient colors also it's too much.

Replied to thread: hardest programming language ????

C++ & Rust 


The syntax is pretty confusing, I prefer C/Zig