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Commented to thread : [Cw] RealChronics/Haruka Scamming/Alting

You call refunding a dissatisfied customer "paying off"? That's just something an honest seller does.
I really do not see the reason to call Chronics a scammer, when that's simply not true.
I also do not appreciate this.

Replied to thread : [Cw] RealChronics/Haruka Scamming/Alting

I don't really see where the scamming has happened, this thread is misleading and that statement could be considered defamation.

Created a new thread : [Misc Release] Byfron Mac Leaks

Hey, hello, bonjour, salut, hallo, guten tag everyone.


You may be wondering why I gathered you all here today, it's in the title.

This is what appears to be a byfron mac build, it seems as if there is no page guarding and they have not implemented a signal (mac exception) handler just yet.

Here is the test version.

I'll keep this thread updated weekly, if you are interested (with bumps of course).


Enjoy the misc release.

Created a new thread : I am back (hopped up out the bed put my swag on)

hopped up out of the bed, put my swag on.

I am back

Replied to thread : Introducing: LUNIR

the verbum pipeline incident

Replied to thread : anti-website ban system


yeah they work.

that's a great concept overall.

I could probably make it work.



I didn't leave, I was banned.



this is false advertising

i was toldthis operated on the cloud

you are lyrfing this is terrible i could not imagine someone doing sucha thing.

why woudl you do this??/


Replied to thread : [RELEASE] Pure white bwrd theme.

this looks like me after the 400lbs bench press

Replied to thread : Roblox keeps on kicking me for exploiting every 2 games

so basically what you want to do is download VMWare and set up a windows 11 vm (google it)


Replied to thread : Screw Electron. Check out Tauri (Rust over Node.js)

Rust is the future and the future is not now. 

Replied to thread : How would I get luaF_newCclosure address?


i believe lua_FNewClosure was in 0xD34DB33F but I'm not sure that might be from 2 updates ago.

you have to redo the build seed and shuffle structs to call it. using uintptr-t is detected by RACK2

Created a new thread : [j] add the recursive threads option.

I want embedded threads, so you can preview certain threads in wrd or something.




Replied to thread : looking to buy servers