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you are rexi

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the verbum pipeline incident

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yeah they work.

that's a great concept overall.

I could probably make it work.



I didn't leave, I was banned.



this is false advertising

i was toldthis operated on the cloud

you are lyrfing this is terrible i could not imagine someone doing sucha thing.

why woudl you do this??/


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this looks like me after the 400lbs bench press

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so basically what you want to do is download VMWare and set up a windows 11 vm (google it)


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Rust is the future and the future is not now. 

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i believe lua_FNewClosure was in 0xD34DB33F but I'm not sure that might be from 2 updates ago.

you have to redo the build seed and shuffle structs to call it. using uintptr-t is detected by RACK2

Created a new thread: [j] add the recursive threads option.

I want embedded threads, so you can preview certain threads in wrd or something.




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Created a new thread: [RELEASE] Bess Choard script (CHESS BOARD VM) (FREE LUAU)

This release is about a chess board, i wrote this song for you.

Now, we're using a little virtual processor to output chess pieces. this is by design and increases perforamnce.

i didnt use ufnctional casts because they reduce perfomance. ENJOY!

function main()
  local board_size = 8

  local function piece_to_string(piece)
    if piece == 0 then
      return "  "  -- Empty square
    elseif piece == 1 then
      return "♚"  -- Black King
    elseif piece == 2 then
      return "♛"  -- Black Queen
    elseif piece == 3 then
      return "♝"  -- Black Bishop
    elseif piece == 4 then
      return "♞"  -- Black Knight
    elseif piece == 5 then
      return "♟"  -- Black Pawn
    elseif piece == 6 then
      return "♜"  -- Black Rook

  for row = 1, board_size do
    for col = 1, board_size do
      local piece = 0
      -- Determine which piece to place on the current square
      if row == 1 or row == 8 then
        if col == 1 or col == 8 then
          piece = 6  -- Rook
        elseif col == 2 or col == 7 then
          piece = 4  -- Knight
        elseif col == 3 or col == 6 then
          piece = 3  -- Bishop
        elseif col == 4 then
          piece = 2  -- Queen
        elseif col == 5 then
          piece = 1  -- King
      elseif row == 2 or row == 7 then
        piece = 5  -- Pawn

      -- Determine which color the current square should be
      local color = (row + col) % 2
      -- Output the piece and color as strings
      io.write(piece_to_string(piece), color == 0 and " " or "  ")
    io.write("\n")  -- Newline after each row


Created a new thread: [RELEASE] MoobleFlurf Authentication Sample (FREE LUAU)

This is the source code of this very secure authentication system

Pepperingand salting as well! Enjoy

-- Load the SHA-256 hash library
local sha256 = require("sha256")

-- List of allowed usernames and their corresponding hashed passwords with salts and pepper
local whitelist = {
  user1 = {
    passwordHash = "4b2dd16341f5c5f5e5b1d602726dfbe05c785f8d231f21575c11a329a3c3bf94",
    salt = "3a7a437a4c4e4d4f4e4d4f474f4e475241",
    pepper = "fb1c7f2a2c62347fc9ac9f6d0c6e05f6"
  user2 = {
    passwordHash = "52764e3f93a9f3d04c129efda057167c93dc7b2b287a40b47b6de344c3bf313e",
    salt = "3f525a42414e475f5245434f5244",
    pepper = "2a2f52aa9f28b1a7d1e0b404857f7f6d"
  user3 = {
    passwordHash = "9d4b4bb4d47c53b89a7f504d0075f5b5e5f1651f7a9a59a75d7c332a3c3bf7d1",
    salt = "7a6f726f6e",
    pepper = "f3dd3dcbdfb1f470da02f6c91d8e2e6b"

-- List of allowed IP addresses
local ipWhitelist = {

-- Maximum number of login attempts before a user is temporarily locked out
local maxLoginAttempts = 5

-- Time in seconds for a user to be locked out after maxLoginAttempts is reached
local lockoutTime = 60

-- Table to keep track of failed login attempts
local failedLogins = {}

-- Function to check if a user is allowed
function isAllowed(user, password, ipAddress)
  -- Generate a random salt value for each login attempt
  local loginSalt = sha256(os.time() .. math.random(1000, 9999))

  -- Check if user is in the whitelist and the password is correct
  if whitelist[user] and sha256(whitelist[user].salt .. password .. whitelist[user].pepper .. loginSalt) == whitelist[user].passwordHash then
    -- Check if the IP address is also allowed
    for j, allowedIP in ipairs(ipWhitelist) do
      if ipAddress == allowedIP then
        -- Reset the failed login attempts for the user
        failedLogins[user] = nil
        return true

  -- Increment the failed login attempts for the user
  if not failedLogins[user] then
    failedLogins[user] = 1
    failedLogins[user] = failedLogins[user] + 1

  -- Check if the user has reached the maximum number of login attempts and should be locked out
  if failedLogins[user] >= maxLoginAttempts then
    failedLogins[user] = nil
    os.execute("sleep " .. lockoutTime)

  return false